Wednesday, September 4, 2013

[Mostly] Wordless Wednesday - Watch for Snowmobilers & Links

Just a quick one from my Oregon trip. I don't know why I find these signs amusing, but I do. If there's enough snow for snowmobilers to be crossing the road or on it, or whatever, how many cars are traveling at high speeds on those same roads, anyway?

Given, I'm probably just showing my ignorance of how much snow is needed to snowmobile. I actually have a fondness for these signs, because they have them up around Sisters, Oregon, where my grandma used to live (and she and my grandpa were, in fact, snowmobilers). This one is from Crater Lake, though.

Okay, links!

Accepting Submissions:

The Hugo-winning Clarkesworld Magazine is currently seeking submissions of short stories, non-fiction, and art. Pays 10 cents per word for the first 4000 words, 5 cents for each word over that. Science fiction and fantasy.

Highlights Magazine for children is seeking a variety of pieces for their magazine. Each type pays a different amount. Examples include $150 for short fiction and non-fiction articles, and $25 for crafts. They also seek verse and various puzzles and games.

Storm Cellar is a literary arts magazine seeking submissions year-round. They're eclectic, and want to receive varied submissions. They want art and writing of all creative kinds, including creative non-fiction, poetry, flash fiction, etc. Pays in a contributor copy.


Four Chambers Press is looking for submissions for the inaugural edition of their literary magazine, so they're holding a contest. They want good work of any kind in any form. $100 first prize.

Kazka Press holds a monthly themed flash fiction contest, 713 Flash. Their theme this month is Outsiders. Submission window is September 1-20. Pays $10 per accepted story.

Blog Hop:

Cassie Mae is hosting the How to Date a Nerd Blog Hop. She wants to know what the nerdiest thing about you is. September 24-26. One blogger gets a nerd swag pack.

Just for Fun:

Buzz Feed featured 24 Photos of Famous Authors When They Were Coming of Age, by Summer Anne Burton.


  1. Better a snowmobile than a boat, because if a boat is crossing the road, you're in trouble.

  2. Just looking at that sign makes me shiver. I'm not ready for winter, yet!

  3. We in the Pacific Northwest like to warn about everything, you just never know when some silly snowmobiler will pop out in front of you.

    Usually those signs mean it's happened once before. . .

  4. Most likely they aren't driving very fast. If you need the snowmobile, it's a no tire zone. :) This I know from experience. But there's always folks who disappear in OR every year becasue they go off on some desolate road they shouldn't.

  5. I find the sign funny too. Never seen one like that. :D

  6. I like this. Means my summer's coming up. ;-)

  7. The best snowmobiling EVER is in Steamboat Springs, CO at Rabbit Ears Pass. Two feet of champaign powder does it every time. For real snowmobile warriors, that is.

    Thanks for all the accepting submissions info. I'm looking into Clarkesworld.

  8. Alex, well, that is definitely true. They have tsunami warning signs all along the coast, so I suppose that could cause a boat to come across a road, no? And...dang it, I forgot IWSG, despite thinking of my topic last week. :(

    Ken, no worries, we've still got time!

    D.G., oh, I bet. Just like all the weird warnings on appliances and the like.

    Mary, same here on people disappearing. They go snowshoeing or cross country skiing or driving in the mountains then disappear. They should have disappearing people signs!

    Julie, I wonder if they have them anywhere in Alaska?

    Misha, ha, indeed!

    Nancy, really? Hm, I'll keep that in mind. I'd like to go snowmobiling someday.

  9. I was so happy for Clarkesworld to take best semi-pro. I have a novelette earmarked specifically for them, to be edited as soon as I get back from Viable Paradise.

  10. Interesting sign, does that mean there are more snow machines than other vehicles?

    Thanks for the links! Now to get to work and submit to one!

  11. I like Hugo winners! I actually translated a few of the Hugo winning books :)

  12. We have tractor signs but no snowmobile signs here - for obvious reasons.

  13. They get a lot of snow in Oregon -
    thanks for the links

  14. Should you treat a rogue snowmobiler jumping out in front of your car like you would a deer? You know, just brace yourself, hit it, and don't try to swerve off the road?

    And apparently it doesn't take THAT much snow...

    Snowmobile crossing

  15. Yo Shannon!

    I'm totally thinkin' how cool your snowmobile sign is!

    Okay links! Always good to see links. My homie might be da missin' link.

    One moment, just like my human, Argggghhhhh!!!! Blog hops!!!

    I'm sure I is in those 24 photos n'stuff.

  16. Just makes you wonder how much designing those type of signs pays...hmmmmm :)

    As always, thanks for the links!

  17. Hey at least it isn't a jackalope crossing ;-) I love unusual road signs too but usually don't think to take photos.

  18. I get a kick out of unusual signs like that, too.

    That nerd contest sounds interesting. No doubt about it, I am, and always have been, a class A nerd, but it'd be difficult to narrow my "nerdiest" things down to just one.

  19. I never thought about Snowmobiles crossing the road before. I would think they'd be insanely slow off snow. I gotta sign up for that nerd post.

  20. Thanks for the links Shannon.
    For me, your sign means that summer is around the corner! Yay!
    Writer In Transit

  21. It's funny seeing those signs in the summer -- that would be a BIG surprise if one crossed the road. Clarkesworld has rejected everything I've sent them over the past four years, but I refuse to give up on them.