Wednesday, September 25, 2013

[Mostly] Wordless Wednesday - Don't Tell Schrodinger & Links

A fun one today. You want to keep both kids and cats occupied? Get an empty box. Simple and straight forward. Just don't tell Schrodinger.

And because I showed her all mean and vicious looking (she was stalking a toy), here's her bookish side, taken as I was FINALLY unpacking my office this week!! (Note, there are boxes involved in this, too. Cats just really like boxes.)

And now for some links!

Please note: I have not personally vetted any of these publications or contests, etc. I merely pass along information I've found. Please always research and check out publications before submitting to them.

Accepting Submissions:

Pulp Empire and Metahuman Press have announced a set of ongoing anthologies accepting submissions. They're open until filled, except the Doc Claus Christmas anthology, which has a deadline of October 15. 10-15% of profits go to authors as royalties.

Vagabundo Magazine is seeking bloggers/columnists to write about adventure travel. You will not be paid as a blogger, but you will get dibs on writing columns, which do pay. They also expect photos with your stories.

Long Count Press is putting together an anthology with the subject of dying earth sword and sorcery fantasy. Deadline is October 31. Pays $20, plus e-book copy, plus royalties.

Kraken Press is seeking submissions for their 50's themed horror and dark fantasy anthology, American Nightmare. Short stories only. Deadline October 31. Pays in pro rata share of 15% of list price, plus one contributor copy.


Cease, Cows is holding a flash fiction contest. Guest judge is Stephen Graham Jones. Cost is $5 to enter. 1000 words or less. Prizes will be awarded as a percentage of the money brought in for the contest (details on the website). I don't usually pass along contests that have an entry fee these days, but I know the judge and he's an honest guy. Deadline October 15.

Kazka Press holds a monthly flash fiction contest entitled 713 Flash. The October deadline is October 20, with a theme of Out of Time. Pays $15 per accepted story.

Bad Day Books is holding their 2013 Assent Publishing Rogue Writing Contest. Novella and novel submissions in horror, thriller, suspense, and apocalyptic. Deadline October 31. The prize pack is pretty phenomenal, including a publishing contract, marketing, author marketing coaching, etc. Aside from the contest, they are also open for regular submissions for publication in those same genres.

Anything catch your fancy? Do your cats read? Anything you want to share with us? 

May you find your Muse.


  1. That's why you should just skip toys for Christmas and give kids and pets boxes instead.

  2. Isn't it funny that you could spend hundreds of dollars on cat toys and they would ignore them all for a simple box?? LOL all of my cats have been obsessed with boxes, I don't get it. Cute photos!

  3. Hey Shannon,

    Some thinking outside of the blog. I was thinking of getting a cardboard cat.

    We don't have any cats. However we do know that cats can read based on the number of cats who send adoring messages to Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet superstar!

    Ah yes, your links. Speaking of the missing link, no link to my amazing site! LOL

    Off to find a mouse, um muse....

  4. Cats not only read, but they can read everyone's minds.

  5. What's your cat's name? She looks exactly like my Spunky.

    Our cats love boxes, too. Doesn't matter if they fit in them or not either.

  6. We have two empty boxes for our cat. Sometimes, he gets up in one of them and sounds like he's attacking something in there, so I wonder if there is some kind of box monster.

  7. My cats adore boxes. Put one out and a cat will be in it within 5 minutes.

  8. My cat doesn't like boxes OR bags. I think she's broken...

  9. Your cat looks just like one of mine. She loves hanging out in boxes, under bags and pillows and the bed. My other cat loves crinkly bags.

  10. The cat in the box thing is so funny. Kids love them too. Get a big enough box and it entertains the entire house.

  11. Cats and kids love boxes. It makes you wonder why we spent money on toys Shannon.

  12. Ha, very cute photo idea! I don't have anything big to share right now. I just finished my first feature-length screenplay and am getting ready for Viable Paradise. It's a quieter month around here.

  13. My dog enjoys boxes in a more destructive way. She loves tearing them apart and strewing them around the garden. (Is strewing a word? It should be, because you have "strewn". Hmm.)

  14. Love the pics! And thanks for the links!