Wednesday, May 1, 2013

IWSG & Links

So, since I didn't get my post up until late yesterday, I figured I'd hold my IWSG post until this evening.

IWSG is the Insecure Writer's Support Group, and is hosted by Alex J. Cavanaugh & Friends. You can link directly to the group linky by finding the below image in my sidebar and clicking on it.

I have a new insecurity right now, but it's one that stems from getting a teeny-tiny taste of "success," so to speak. I haven't reached any great pinnacle of success, that's not what I'm saying, but I've now got two pieces that have been/will be published, and suddenly I'm aware that the time has come where I will have to put my money where my mouth is. As in, now I'm not just claiming to be a writer. Now I have to prove it, because people will be able to read what I'm writing. This is the point where someone could read it and say, "Oh man, she sucks at this writing thing."

Do you know what I mean?

Some links for you:

Accepting Submissions:

Grey Matter Press is seeking speculative horror fiction shorts stories for their anthology Ominous Realities. Deadline is May 5, so you've got to hurry! Pays with a contributor copy.

Apokrupha is calling for horror flash pieces for an anthology entitled Dark Bits. 500 word maximum. Deadline May 15. Pays $20 per piece.


Colorado Creative Industries is giving out Jumpstart Awards, grants of up to $1000. Deadline is May 15. There are specific guidelines as to what it can be used for.


Paper Darts has a Short Fiction Award that is hard to believe. $800 for 800 words, plus publication and illustration of your piece. Entry fee is $6. Deadline is May 15.

Carve Magazine is holding their annual Raymond Carver Short Story Contest. Deadline May 15. Entry fee $17 online/$15 mailed. 1st prize is $1000.

What are you feeling insecure about? Anything to pass along? Interested in any of the above?

May you find your Muse.


  1. Yeah, that first time any piece goes out into the public eye, I wonder the same thing. I wonder too if I'll ever get over it? ;)

    Lynda R Young
    IWSG co-host

  2. That's the point where you have to be able to say, "I'm happy with what I'm writing," and have that be enough for you.

  3. It's tough putting your stuff "out there"...but, it's something we all have to do, if we aspire to getting published.

    Congrats on getting published, by the way, that's an achievement in itself :)

  4. Congratulations!
    The first exposure to the world is always scary. But if you've done the best you can do, that's all that matters.

  5. I always worry if readers will like my published work. I remind myself that the stories were already "approved" by editors and/or beta readers etc so the chances are good readers will like them, too. :)

    Thanks for the links! I'm going to check a few of them out.

  6. Congratulations on getting published, Shannon! I would say all writers should be aware there will be people who adore you and people who think you stink. The important thing is that you, as the writer, are sure of your creation and stand for it as you would stand for your children. :)

  7. If editors have accepted your stories - then you are a good writer! And as soon as they come out, you're a Published Author! Yay! Don't worry too much about what others say. Tastes differ. Write the very best you can and be proud of yourself! :-)

  8. As a matter of fact I am interested in that 800 words for $800 - thank you :)

  9. This is so nice of you to collect for everyone. Particularly nice to circulate among a crowd who could use encouragement and positive feedback.

  10. Been there. Some days I still am. You'll be fine. You're still going to get some rejection, so be prepared for that, but a lot of good things are also going to happen. Fan letters make it all worthwhile. :)

  11. I know what you mean, Shannon. When my first story was published, a blogger buddy wrote me an email saying, "Now you're not a writer anymore. You're an author." Meant the world to me. Haven't gotten any fan letters, but someone did look me up online and visit my blog to "fan" me after reading my story. Now I'm completely stuck in my novel and can't go forward...not that there's been time for that in April...
    CONGRATS. You're a great AUTHOR and an inspiration to so many of us with all you do for the writing community.
    Tina @ Life is Good

  12. Except for my blog, I'm too insecure to even share what I write. I don't let anyone read my poetry or the stories I've started. If you have the courage to show what you can do, SOMEBODY will like it.

  13. I welcome that particular insecurity. It pushes me to do my best. It keeps my ego in check. It reminds me whose opinion I value most. It also make success taste that much sweeter.

  14. Wow, congratulations! That is awesome news, Shannon! I think the fact you are getting published, says a lot all on it's own. Others have confidence in you, enough to go through the publishing process and getting it out there, and you should too :)

    You are going to do, and be, great!

    Sooooo I am way back on M for the A to Z, but I plan to catch up one by one. I am behind on like 5+ blogs because... yeah... I'm me lol

    Have a great weekend and, again, congrats! Keep us posted!

    Jak at The Cryton Chronicles & Dreams in the Shade of Ink

  15. I am currently insecure regarding the ending of my novella...I am inclined to avoid a happy ending.....everybody says it'd be a mistake :(.

  16. This sounds like my kind of blog hop. I've never entered a writing contest, but I should try sometime.