Monday, May 27, 2013

I'm Back!

Hi! ~waves~

I had a great visit this past week, getting to see some family members I hadn't seen in over a decade. It was a short visit, but we got to show them some of the local sights, and we had time to chat and touch on memories.

Now it's time for me to get back to "work," because I missed you all!

Spring decided to finish early 'round these parts, and we skipped the lovely mild 70's, going directly into the upper 80's. The sounds of whiny kids and cranky parents are already floating on the breeze (joined by our own personal chorus, of course). The media is feeding off the quiet panic of those who weathered the Waldo Canyon Fire last year, reporting on all the weather emergencies we had in the month of June (several feet of hail that had to be removed with snow plows, tornadoes, flooding, and the fire), and warning us that this year could be equally crazy. Wouldn't want to have a reason to relax as we ease into summer, now would we?

Bunnies have taken up residence under our porch, itty-bitty babies hopping about and hiding under the sandbox. The magpies are out in full force, shrieking at the red-breasted robins as everyone vies for the desirable nesting real estate in the area. A random fox trots through the neighborhood, eyeballing porches for food left behind by sticky children. Rattlesnakes sun themselves on naked pink rocks. Deer munch on the sweet high-desert grasses, strip bark off trees, and meander across the street, daring motorists not to see them. A hummingbird whistles up to the feeder on the back porch, calmly sipping as its wings flutter into a blur.

The scents of barbecuing meat drift in through the windows, watermelon seeds and cherry pits fly through the air. It's Memorial Day, but how many consider what this really means, why we have this "holiday weekend," as I've seen it referred to. Have we forgotten why some of us get this little break?

I won't be barbecuing today, though I don't begrudge those who do (not in the least, so please don't think I'm making a statement on how anyone celebrates Memorial Day, because we all observe it in our own way, and I respect that). I've lost too many loved ones, either physically or emotionally, watch still as silent killers left over from military service take them down. Agent Orange, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, better known as Lou Gherig's Disease, which veterans are twice as likely to get as civilians), all of these and more stalk our veterans. Today, I fly the flag and think of those who have served, and who serve still. I think of the loved one who was recently diagnosed with ALS, because it is thought related to his time in service to this country, and not only is today Memorial Day, but this month is ALS Awareness Month.

Today, I honor others. Today, I grieve, what has been, and what will be.

I hope many get to spend the day with their families, celebrating however they choose, enjoying that time together. But I also hope a thought is spared for those who can't see their families today, because they fight for their country. Or because they fought for their country.

What are your plans for the day? Barbecuing? Seeing family? Water balloon fights (we did that yesterday)? A day at the pool? Hiking? Camping (if you're camping, you probably won't see this until later, eh)?

May you find your Muse.

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  1. Welcome back! I have rabbits and foxes and hummingbirds around here as well. The rabbits are kinda cute, up until they start chewing on my car, though.

    No barbecuing or swimming for me. I'm going to ride my bike around the trail and enjoy the day.

  2. Nice to see you back and I totally agree...we should never forget our Veterans, no matter when or where they served :)

    Have a great Memorial Day!

  3. Nice to read you had a good visit.

    Today, I'm hanging with the Sweetman and the boys.

    Hugs and chocolate,

  4. Well said. I wasn't aware ALS was common among veterans. We are spending the day quietly. My husband served in the Army quartermaster corps and was stationed near the DMZ in Korea in the late 60s.

  5. No BBQ today. I am waiting for my wife to get back from her 4-day dive trip to Cozumel. I have had no contact with her for three days and that is not going to happen again. I just get too anxious knowing that diving is an inherently dangerous sport.

    Then on her flight back the plane had to make an emergency medical landing in Houston for a first class passenger who possibly had a heart attack in-flight.

    I feel what you feel for our service man and women. I have lost relatives due to war aftermath and a couple of friends recently wne through their own bouts of PTSD. It is a day to remember those who gave for us all.

    Glad you're back!!

    Chuck at Apocalypse Now

  6. Hi Shannon,

    Nice to note you're back. Hi there! A poignant note in regards to your loved one who has been diagnosed with ALS and it being ALS Awareness Month.

    I hope that you did have a reflective Memorial Day. In Britain, it is also a long weekend.
    However, a BBQ in England is almost the stuff of dreams.

    In peace and goodwill,


  7. I had the most family packed weekend I have had in eons, and ended with a strudelfest today. Now I could use a day off.

  8. You make summer sound so wonderful over there. It's basically summer all year here in Singapore, so there's not much of a difference all year.

  9. welcome back pretty one!! love the smell of a bbq! please, stop making my mouth water...

  10. Welcome back!

    I really do feel for those who suffer in the wake of any military conflict.

  11. Enjoy the long weekend...our long weekend is a few weeks away:)

  12. Welcome Back! You were missed Shannon.

    Having lost quite a few soldiers in my family over the decades to wars, there isn't a Memorial Day or any day that they aren't remembered or missed.

  13. My uncle died young of that disease. Nice to see you back.

  14. I celebrated Mother's Day with my mom at the fair. It was the first day off we've both had since the Friday before it. Even so, the men and women lost while fighting for us, no matter how, were on my mind.

  15. We also thought of the veterans who served and sacrificed for our country last weekend. We too have good friends with PTSD bravely living their lives. I didn't know ALS was more likely to hit veterans--why is that, do you know?
    Meanwhile, our spring rains are cheerfully greening the Pacific NW, alas, chilling us humans hungry for a sunburst.