Wednesday, March 20, 2013

[Mostly] Wordless Wednesday - Sunday Snaps! & Links

For [Mostly] Wordless Wednesday, I thought I'd post the cover to the anthology I have a flash fiction piece in, as we have a release date of April 15! Yay!

I'm excited to have a publication date after a few delays! My piece is entitled "The Family Ruins."

Now for links.

Disclaimer: I do not sponsor these links, nor am I affiliated in any way with any of them (unless I mention the affiliation). I merely pass along information I've discovered. Please always check out any publication before submitting to them or becoming involved with them.

Accepting Submissions:

Chicken Soup for the Soul is accepting submissions for a multitude of possible titles. They pay $200 for your story or poem. Ongoing/no deadline.

Port Cities Review is seeking submissions for feature articles about great port cities of the world. Pays $50 per article. Ongoing/no deadline.

Dark Futures Fiction if looking for poetry and prose that fits the theme of dark futures. Pays a small amount based on length. Ongoing/no deadline.

The Journal of Compressed Creative Arts, via Matter Press, is looking for compressed fiction, non-fiction, poetry, mixed media and visual arts. Pays $50. Will close for submissions April 15.


Cardinal Sins Journal has opened their annual flash fiction contest. The theme is "trespassing." No entry fee. First prize is $150 and publication.

Blog Hops:

DL Hammons has created the Blog Blitz. Sign up on the list and you'll participate in, and ultimately be blitzed by, your fellow Blitzers. A better explanation can be found at Cruising Altitude 2.0.

Free Books!

j.a. kazimer's Shank: A Wilde Crime, will be free March 22 to midnight March 24.

Bryan Pedas and Brandon Meyers have their co-written novels free on Kindle right now:
     The Sensationally Absurd Life and Times of Slim Dyson
     Dead and Moaning in Las Vegas
     The Missing Link

Part 17 in Andrew Leon's Shadow Spinner serial is free right now. Part 17: The Tree of Light.

Anything you might think of entering above? Anything you're excited about? How something to share?

May you Find your Muse.


  1. Congratulations, Shannon! I'll still be running the Ninja News and will announce it for you that day.

  2. Okay, remind me closer to April 15.
    And thanks for the shout! (but it's not free today)

  3. Congratulations, Shannon! That's such great news. I am glad for you!

  4. Congrats, Shannon! I'm happy for you!

  5. Very cool!! And thank you for including me in the links this week! I'm hoping to reach 200 Blitz Team members by this weekend! :)

  6. Thanks for mentioning our free stuff! We appreciate it! We have more free stuff coming tomorrow in honor of our 300th post. How are we ever going to be rich rock star writers if we give everything away? Sheesh.

    Also, that's a great cover. I'm glad you finally have a release date. We're both looking forward to reading "The Family Ruins."

  7. Hi. I'm Rachel. I'm also doing the A-Z Challenge this year so I thought I would pop by to introduce myself.

    Firstly, congrats! I have no idea what the book is really about yet, but I'm happy for you!

    Secondly, I think I might put those links you posted to use. The worst they can do is say no, right? Maybe I should look to see what they might like.

  8. Congratulations, Shannon! The oover is perfect!

  9. So happy for you! Thanks for pimping me too. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.

  10. Congratulations on having your story published!

  11. Congrats for the pubbed story in the lovely looking anthology! That's great! And thanks for all the links. :-)

  12. Congrats on the publication!! That's so exciting!!

    Thanks for the links too!



  13. Way to go on the publication! And thanks again for all the links.

  14. Alex, thank you, that would be fantastic!

    Andrew, darn it! I looked after 1 AM my time figuring if it was still free, it might be free the next day.

    Al, thank you!

    Adriana, thank you!

    DL, I hope you made it!

    Bryan (& Brandon), so much free stuff! Indeed, how will you become rich rock star writers? Who needs it if you're being read, right?

    Rachel, I hope you do find something you can submit to!

    Loverofwords, thanks! The photos throughout are wonderful.

    Julie, it was great seeing you!

    Carrie-Anne, thank you!

    Lexa, thank you, and no problem!

    Valerie, thank you! I'm definitely excited!

    Milo, thank you!

  15. I joined Blog Blitz. Looks fun and interesting. Thanks for posting!


  16. You know them all Shannon, you are so well informed and I should know it, I am a journalist. Yes sharing is lovely and you are doing a great job at it :). Congrats.

  17. Angie, I hope it's fun!

    Petronela, I didn't realize you were a journalist. How did I miss that? Thank you!