Wednesday, February 27, 2013

[Mostly] Wordless Wednesday - Falls Be Gone & Links

I had something else planned for today, but had to delay it, so instead, I will finally show you the last photos of my Seven Falls trip. These ones are from up top, the pinnacle of our hike.

This way for more photos! Oh wait, no, down.

That's downtown Colorado Springs you see off in the distance.

We still had fires burning in October, which is the smoke you see. I think this was smoke from Rocky Mountain National Park, if I'm remembering correctly, and it had come quite a distance.

Helen Hunt Jackson's grave, though I believe it said the body had since been moved and reburied. Not a bad place to be interred. I think I'd be upset they moved me.

I just like this one because the rock looks like an angry rhino to me. Simple pleasures...

My favorite of this batch. This is the uppermost fall, number 7. I don't recall the name.

Now for some links!

Accepting Submissions:

Fringeworks has put out a submission call for their anthology Tiki Terror Tales. They seek scary short stories dealing with tikis. Submission deadline: midnight, April 2. Pays 5% royalties.

World Weaver Press is still seeking sci-fi adventure stories for their Far Orbit: Speculative Space Adventures anthology. Pays $.01 per word, plus paperback copy of the anthology. Can be up to 10,000 words to fully develop the adventure. Submissions deadline is March 31.

Lena Corazone is looking for writers' success stories for an anthology. Pays $50. Your success does not have to involve getting published, just some aspect of your writers life and success.

This Mutant Life is accepting submissions for its 2013 anthology. They must have neo-pulp or superhuman influence. Up to 4000 words. Submission deadline is June 30. Pays $.01 per word and an e-copy.

Silver Boomer Books has an open anthology entitled Longest Hours - Thoughts While Waiting. Deadline April 15. $5 payment for poetry, $10 payment for prose, plus a contributor copy.


The Montreal International Poetry Prize is open for submissions for their contest. Early entry deadline is March 31. If you're in a developing nation, your early entry fee is $15. If you're in a developed nation, your early entry fee is $20. There is a $20,000 CDN prize purse and anthology publication (80 entrants will be published).

The L. Ron Hubbard Writers (& Illustrators) of the Future Contest is a quarterly contest. The next deadline will be March 31, with the new quarter opening for submissions April 1, and so on and so forth. First prize is $1000. They're seeking short stories and novellas in science fiction and fantasy. No entry fee. They also have a contest for illustrators that you can find on the same page. There are limitations on how many times you can have been published and still enter.

The Diana Woods Memorial Award in Creative Nonfiction has been created in her name to help writers of creative nonfiction. Your entry should be an essay on their choice of topic up to 5000 words. Award is $250 and publication in Lunch Ticket.

Enchanted Conversation has a monthly contest to seek works to publish. They accept 1 short story and 1 poem (or some combination of that) each month, based upon fairy tale format. You must read their guidelines, as there are specifics you'll want to be aware of. Prize is $25 Amazon gift certificate and publication.

Blog hops/fests:

Kelly Hashway and Beth Fred are hosting the Sweets Blogfest March 6. Write about your favorite sweet, whether that's food, romance, or anything else sweet you come up with.


The Martha's Vineyard Institute of Creative Writing will have their annual summer writing seminar July 7-12. The program fee is $975 for the week, which includes a professional consultation. Lodging is not included.

Anything of interest to add? Any of these you're excited about? Missing fall color? Yearning for spring yet? Or are you enjoying the winter weather (I am!)?

May you find your Muse.


  1. Loved your pictures!
    I think starting March I'm singning for wordless Wednesday! Photos are such great way of expression!

  2. Great shots. Looks like a nice place for a hike.

  3. Hahaha, you are right about the rhino! I can see it too. Very nice place.

  4. I love the stony path pic.

    Hugs and chocolate,

  5. These are awesome links! Thanks for sharing them. And i love love love those pictures!

  6. You live in such beauty. How do you put the copyright symbol on your fotos?

    Today I am excited about my gr-daughters' stories about their Daddy/Daughter Dance last Friday. This will be nonstop talking (for them).

  7. Awesome photos! That is one incredible view from the top. Several, actually.

  8. Adriana, I do love photos! I hope you do start doing Wordless Wednesdays.

    Mark, it's a glorious place for a hike! First you have to climb an insane number of steps, though.

    Al, love that someone else sees the rhino!

    Shelly, thank you! It's fun to see how large of rocks/boulders a bit of water can pick up.

    Schell, I'm so glad! I hope you find something good in the batch.

    Susan, oh, how sweet! I hope my hubby and daughter get that opportunity one of these days. I use a free download of Picassa to do the watermark. I put it on when I go to export the photo (to a folder on my desktop). It gives the option and you choose what it will say.

    Alex, isn't it? I loved seeing Colorado Springs downtown. It's dinky, but I love it anyway.

  9. Starting to get some green growing around these parts but the weather is so all over the place...40's, 50's and then high 70's back down to 40's. I swear the flora in Texas has no idea what to do or what time of year it is!

    Those pictures make me want to go there and take pictures!! Nice Job Shannon.

  10. Love the photos :) I'm definitely looking forward to spring; this cold weather doesn't agree with me at all!

    Jamie @ Mithril Wisdom

  11. I got winded just looking at those pictures! Must have been quite a hike! :)

  12. Shannon your pics are gorgeous! Thanks for the links too.

  13. Ok, how do you find all these contests? So cool. And your phots are amazing girl!

  14. Chuck, we're at that point, too. Spring is crazy! It was 62 today, but we're due for snow on Saturday again. Up and down, up and down.

    Jamie, I like it a little brisk, but never cold. So over the cold!

    DL, it most certainly was! Not gonna' lie!

    Michelle, thanks!

    Tammy, I've been happening across them. Sometimes on Facebook, Twitter, other people's blog posts, searching on something else, LinkedIn groups, etc. And thank you!