Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I'm Home! And Links

Hi all!  I made it home safely last night, after several hiccups, adventures and an emotional breakdown that was a long time coming.  I wrote up an entire big huge post about it all, only to have Blogger or Google Chrome freeze up on me.  It's 2:40 AM, and I need to get to bed, having been going non-stop since this morning.  So my apologies for a lack of post, but here are the links, at least!  I'll be back on schedule come Monday.

(Also, I guest posted at the A-to-Z blog on Blog Hops/Fests & Memes, as part of the continuing Blogging Basics series for beginning bloggers).

Without further ado, links:

Accepting Submissions:

Massacre Publishing is accepting novel-length submissions at this time.

Samhain Publishing is seeking manuscripts in horror, urban fantasy, romance and erotica.

Kraken Press is seeking novellas and novel-length fiction in horror and weird fiction.

Blog Hops/Fests/Memes/Contests:

Andrew Leon, of Strange Pegs, is hosting the Great Chocolate Contest, wherein you write a short story set in the Imagination Room from his book, The House on the Corner.  Due February 6.  Chocolate prize, plus possible publication in a collection of short stories.

Mina Lobo, of Some Dark Romantic, is hosting the Lunar Lovin' Hop January 27 and 28.  She asks that you photograph the full moon on the 27 and post it on your blog.  That's it!

You have one more day to participate in Jamie Ayres What Are Your 18 Things Blog Fest.  Post about your bucket list by tomorrow, the 24th.  There are a variety of prizes up for grabs.

Stephen Tremp, Mark Koopmans, Elise Fallson, and C.M. Brown are hosting the Reintroduce Myself Blog Fest January 28.  The rules?  Just tell us something interesting about yourself.  Another easy one!

Michelle Wallace and Elise Fallson are hosting the She Said What Blog-o-versary and Giveaway Bash February 18-20.  They'll be posting a cartoon, to which you will add the dialogue.


B2C, or Business to Community, is a forum on social media.  Possibly interesting to check out for writers/bloggers.

Red Room is an online community of writers, with many available features.  Definitely worth checking out.

Anything to share?  Anything up there stoke your interest?  

May you find your Muse.


  1. Welcome home! Came across your blog yesterday while using Google for advice on post-apocalyptic writing. Thanks much for that.

    I've only been blogging since Dec, and just began writing again in Nov, so the whole hops/fests seem hard for me to grasp. If they are a constant thing I will have to eventually check them out.

  2. Sounds like an adventure! One I never hope to go on, but an adventure nonetheless! :-)

    Sorry to hear about the madness, but good to know you're safely back in the blogging fold. Onward and upward!


  3. glad you made it home and I hope you slept in!

  4. Glad to see you're home alive! I hate when my posts get fried, eaten, or otherwise "lost".

  5. Happy to hear you made it home safely.

    These links are great resources for publishing submissions and blog hops. I can't wait to begin the A-Z challenge. *excited*

    I am not sure if this is the place to post this (about another blog hop- False Start Fridays

    This Friday I will be participating in the False Start Friday Bloghop from Subliminal Coffee.

  6. Glad you are safe. Emotional events are something we have to get through, they make us stronger.

    Good luck,it's alright to take time for yourself when you need it.

  7. Yea! A plug!

    I want to hear about this emotional meltdown.

  8. Glad you are home safe!
    I compose and format all of my posts in Word before uploading and scheduling them in Blogger. Don't trust it.

  9. Jak, glad you found me! That's one of my favorite posts. Blog hops are definitely not a requirement, and their frequency comes and goes, but I do recommend them if you're trying to increase readership on your blog.

    E.J., it's one I wouldn't want to go on again, that's for sure! But there were good parts. I had typed it all up, but not sure that will happen again.

    Al, thank you!

    Marcy, I did, indeed, sleep in today. Man, I needed that!

    Dani, ugh, me, too. Luckily, it has only happened a couple times, but I'd prefer never. ;-p

    Shaharizan, thanks for passing that along! Somehow I missed it. Good luck with it!

    D.G., that's true. And I needed this breakdown, quite frankly, as I tend to bury my emotions. Thank you.

    Andrew, well, you would have if my post hadn't frozen. Not sure I'll try to post it again, but we'll see.

    Alex, that's good advice. This is only the second time I've ever had this happen (I think), but garg!

  10. Glad to hear that you are home safe. I was going to do a lot of catch up today and then I started having some weird computer and email problems. Isn't that the way things usually work! Great info in this post.

    I'm still bowing out from the blogfest scene. I have enough with A to Z and all the catching up I need to do.


  11. Shared your wonderful info. Get some rest.

    Hugs and chocolate,

  12. I am sure you are glad to be home and ready to get back to normal (whatever that is). Thanks for the reminder on the A-Z post, I need to back and read it. I am on Stephen's blogfest on Monday so see you there!

  13. Emotional breakdown??? Boo... I've had one of those weeks too... But fabulous links. Thank you, Shannon. :D

  14. Lee, I'm backing off the blog fest scene, though I may do one here or there. It will depend. I also feel like I haven't been doing a lot of substantive posts, because I've done so many hops/fests lately. And I'd like to get back to more content, or at least combine the two better.

    Shelly, aw thanks, I slept in!

    Chuck, yes, my version of normal!

    Morgan, sometimes they're good, though they certainly don't feel that way at the time, eh?

  15. wow, you are one lady that is in the loop!! hot dang!

  16. Lots of great links here. Thanks. I don't often get involved in blogfests, except for the A to Z as they all start to look and read the same if you're not careful. What I love about visiting blogs is their diversity.

  17. Glad you're back, and sorry to hear about the meltdown. I am curious to hear what happened. So even if Chrome/Blogger freezes, it doesn't save what you've written? Ours autosaves every few seconds, so if my browser crashes, I can come right back in and (mostly) everything is still there.

  18. I haven't been signing up for as many blogfests lately, but I still do some. I do the three weekly ones on Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday, but other than that, I'm trying to move back towards more original posts.

    If you're interested in promoting it, has a big blop hop about once a month. Usually the themes are focused on romance, but not always.

  19. Welcome back! It's a very busy time in bloggyland. I hope you're catching your breath.

  20. Hope Colorado is not too snowed in! Good to see you!

  21. Hi Shannon,

    And now you be home, safe and warm. That's good to know. I hope you feeling better and relaxed.

    Of course, my angle on Blog Fests is somewhat satirical. And no, I wont go into my good natured banter postings about the Alphabet Challenge. Hi Lee, are you ready?

    Sorry, where was I? No, I promise not to mention my "Groundblog Day" blogfest.

    Sorry, where was I? No, I promise not to mention my "Groundblog Day" blogfest.

  22. I've signed up for Stephen's bloghop next Monday.

  23. Tammy, I try to be! I'm sure I'm missing plenty.

    Rosalind, I agree. I love the diversity in blogs, and don't just read writer's blogs, though those vary widely, as well.

    ABftS, it had saved a previous iteration, but I'd significantly changed it and, for whatever reason, it hadn't saved it. When I was doing this one, I saved every time I finished a paragraph or a link section. Also, I didn't get to spit on a hipster. Sad.

    Carrie-Anne, I've passed them along before, but not since the New Year's one, so I'll look at it for next week.

    Mary, I'm trying to!!

    Susan, haha! It was in the 60's the last couple days, gorgeous and sunny. I'm very much hoping for snow, though. We need the moisture or it will be another fire-filled summer.

    Klahanie, what blogfest is that?
    Klahanie, what blogfest is that?

    L. Diane, I think you're in good company! I still haven't decided if I can.

  24. Glad to here you made it home safely! But now you have me curious.
    All that and you still managed the lists! I'm awed :)

  25. welcome home...and congrats on the position as well...thanks for the heads up on the lists as well...def a few i want to check out...

  26. That is a lot of valuable information to be posting at 2:40 in the morning.

  27. Welcome home and congratulations! Lots going on these days. I've got a big line-up of blogfests I'm participating in, and I'm already preparing for my next tour in February. Busy year so far!

  28. Thanks for the links! Very helpful since I'll be subbing some e-pubbers in Feb - wish me luck! :-)

  29. Gosh, I really hate it when things crash and make me lose a whole bunch of work I've painstakingly done!

    Welcome home. Sounds like the emotional breakdown was a big one but necessary!

  30. welcome home!! i didn't realize you had gone anywhere- i'm a sucky friend!! we'll have to get the kiddos & ourselves together soon! (this is beth, by the way! i'm not sure why i always think everyone knows who i am with all my different handles on the internet, but i do! :D ) congrats, too!! :)

  31. Welcome back, Shannon, I've missed you. You bring always the most useful links to us, aspiring writers :). I shall try Samhain with my horror short story :)> Kisses.

  32. Glad you're back safely, and muchas gracias for the links!

  33. T.D., aw, thank you! I certainly don't feel like I've accomplished much.

    Brian, I hope you find something useful!

    Missed, I'm a bit of a night owl, who is constantly trying to become a morning lark!

    Christine, I don't know how you do it. Every time I'm letting time sneak up on me and I feel like I'm not accomplishing anything, I think about you, a fellow mom, getting it all done.

    Lexa, definitely good luck to you! Can't wait to hear when you get a piece accepted.

    Trisha, it was definitely necessary. I need to let myself be upset when things occur, then maybe I wouldn't make a fool of myself later.

    Beth, I knew it was you!

    Petronela, good luck with Samhain! I want to hear when they accept it!

    Milo, thank you much, and my pleasure!