Wednesday, October 10, 2012

[Mostly] Wordless Wednesday - A Grizzly Sight & Links

It's [Mostly] Wordless Wednesday again!  Today's photos are of a playful grizzly at the local zoo (bet you thought I misspelled "grisly/grizzly" in the title!).  The reason I haven't posted these before is that I was taking the photos from behind very thick, filthy, scratched, splashed and slobbered upon glass.  So...the photos suck, BUT he is just so cute I had to share him, anyway.  And, hey, you don't come here for professional photos, right?

Before I get to the grizzly, I want to say thanks for all the feedback on responding to rejections.  Also, my final Fraterfest update is that I finished the book by Jones, and started the book by Harrison, but did not get that one finished.  "The Ones That Got Away" was a great collection of short stories.  The very first story gave me goosebumps.  If you ever read it, you'll know what I mean.

Okay, heeeeeere's the Griz!  (This is one time I recommend you do NOT click on the photos to enlarge them...)

Stepping in for a dip
Look, a stick!  nom, nom, nom
Thanks for the floss
This is the best toy ever!

Linky Time:

Taking Submissions:

Stymie Magazine is open for submissions.  They are looking for work that is sports themed or has something sports related as part of it.  Fiction, non-fiction, poetry, photographs, creative non-fiction, etc.  As far as I know, this is not a paid market.  However, I recently contacted the founding editor, Erik Smetana, about something unrelated to making a submission.  He got back to me promptly and was a nice guy, in addition to being professional.  If I ever have anything sports themed, I'd be delighted to work with Erik and Stymie Magazine.

The Potomac Review is taking submissions of prose and poetry (also photographs if you inquire first).  Submission window is Sept. 1 to May 1.  Pays in contributor copies.

[PANK] is taking submissions through November 30.  Poetry and prose.  They also take book reviews and blog posts via separate means.


Grubstreet Reads is having a flash fiction contest.  (That link will take you to their Facebook - I am having problems getting to their website).  Determined by reader votes.  Possible prize of a Kindle Fire.  300 word maximum.  Enter directly on their Facebook by clicking on the Flash Fiction tab at the top of the main page.


Bish Denham at Random Thoughts is having her Second Annual Blogtoberfest and giving away five books/sets of books.  Simply requires you to leave a comment to be entered.

Rebecca Hamilton will be holding her Forever Girl Anniversary Tour and Giveaway in January.  She's looking for people to help on the tour and host giveaways, for which she will provide two e-books for your giveaway.  You set the rules for your portion of the giveaway.  She'll also be doing an item giveaway that is separate, but overlaps this one.  Those slots are full, but you can still try to win the prizes.

Challenges/Blog Hops:

Marie Landry at Ramblings of a Daydreamer is hosting her 2nd Annual Spooktacular Paranormal Reading Challenge from October 1 through Halloween.  She is challenging participants to read and review at least three paranormal books this month.  There will be a prize drawing for participants.


Carol Kilgore at Under the Tiki Hut put together the Writers' LIKE ME Project to help writers get their links out there and get to know each other.  You can post your various links to your books, Facebook, blog, website, Twitter, GoodReads, you name it.

Writer's Digest posted Sherman Alexie's Top 10 Pieces of Advice for Writers.

Book Riot posted 5 Women Writers Tougher Than Hemingway.

That's it for this week.

Anything to share?  Anything in here sound good to you?  What about those tough female writers?  Ever seen a grizzly not in a zoo?  

May you find your Muse.


  1. not sure why but I love animal photos

  2. Love the bear photos, and when they're behind glass or something, I feel safer.

    That's a contented bear, I would assume, since he's playful rather than ornery.

  3. Was it in a zoo or did you take those photos in the wild? (And hope it was with a telephoto lens!)

  4. Hey, those are great pics!
    But I want a squirrel.

  5. Becca, me, too!

    D.G., I tend to not like zoos, because the animals don't look terribly happy, but I think Cheyenne Mountain Zoo does a good job, and the animals are often quite playful. Definitely safer behind the glass, though I wouldn't mind photographing a grizzly in the wild...safely...from a car or something.

    Alex, definitely at a zoo! I hope to get up to Yellowstone, though, and photograph one in person some day. That would make me SO happy.

    Andrew, I've posted a squirrel! Now that we don't have cats in the backyard all the time, they appear to have gotten rather bored with our backyard. They enjoy tormenting dogs and cats in the yards. Little stinkers.

  6. Thanks for sharing the photos. I haven't been to the zoo in years.

  7. Ohhhh... fabulous pics! Wow.

    And what a great list of links! Thanks so much, Shannon. I'll just come here to get all my news! ;)

  8. very cute bear, reminds me of a youtube bear that went to cool off in someone's pool in California. Too funny! And I've never seen a bear except in a zoo.

  9. That grizzly looks playful :) is that why you followed with publishing links, lol.


  10. Susanne, I hadn't been in ages until I had kids. They love it, so we go.

    Morgan, woo-hoo! I am your one-stop shop. ;-p

    Marcy, they're terribly cute, aren't they? We have them in the neighborhood, yet I rarely get to see them.

    Donna, well, you know, I needed something predatory after the playful bear.