Friday, October 12, 2012

Bury the Hatchet Blogfest

It's time for the Bury the Hatchet Blogfest!  Before I jump in, know that you can sign up and participate any time up to October 19.

We all have someone or something we'd like to bury a hatchet in.  I originally set out to talk about people who didn't use their blinkers or something like that (man, that drives me crazy!), but it has been one hell of a summer and fall here in Colorado, and I'm feeling like not using a blinker pales in comparison to the crimes that have been perpetrated in Colorado these last few months.

I'm going to hack a few people to pieces.  Then maybe we'll be done making national news for a year.  Preferably a few years.

1. Whatever twisted, disgusting, person or persons took little Jessica.  And every other person out there who perpetrates crimes against children or others who can't defend themselves, who insures that parents must watch their children every moment of every day or risk something terrible happening to them and the tremendous guilt that must come along with it.  I will not describe the things I'd like to do in return (and believe me, I could).  We'll leave it at burying a hatchet in them.

2. The Aurora movie theater shooter.  Movie theaters are about escapism, about hiding from the very real horrors of real life, and that sanctity has been taken away.  And to every person who takes out life's ills on strangers or people who never hurt them, taking pot shots at anyone who happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

3. Whoever caused the Waldo Canyon Fire.  Two lives were lost, hundreds of homes lost, and children and adults alike were traumatized.  Our gorgeous foothills, instead of being speckled with the gold of changing leaves amongst the evergreens, bear the blackened skeletons of trees destroyed by the flames.  And our fears can't rest, as rain and snow melt will threaten us for years to come with the risk of floods and mudslides.  And to every arsonist out there, every idiot who throws a cigarette into the dry underbrush, every person who thinks it's their right to misbehave and not listen to precautions because they're above the law.

Yeah.  My arms are going to be tired.


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Who or what would you like to bury the hatchet in?  Participating in the Bury the Hatchet Blogfest?  Read Blood Fugue?  Your area made national news lately?  For what?

May you find your Muse.


  1. Yes - I know what you mean... There are plenty of people who need hathet jobs in this world. I wud go for the creep who murdered a small disbaled girl in Wales recently and won't tell where the body is!

  2. the world is coming to such a sad and scary place

  3. "...every person who thinks it's their right to misbehave and not listen to precautions because they're above the law."
    I think you will be busy for a very long time with that one.

  4. I have a huge grudge on boyfriend has a light form of a blood disorder and it's like I constantly have a hatchet over my head..:(.

  5. I felt bad learning about the stuff that had happened in your area. It's always tragic to hear about innocent people getting hurt or killed in senseless violence.

  6. There have been a lot of horrible events this past year. Would it be pointless to hope there aren't any more before 2012 is out, at least?

  7. I'd gladly help you with this hatchet burying, Shannon. The depths people fall to never ceases to amaze--and crush--me.

    I think my general perspective is this: I'm going to try to bring as much light into the world as I can on an individual basis. If that means asking a stranger how their day has been, or helping someone change a flat tire, that's what I'll do. There are just so many out there who seemingly serve no other purpose than to try to bring down misery and pain on others, I hope I can put a little balance back in the world with a few acts for random kindness every day. Sounds silly, but I believe those simple things are worth 10 of every bad thing that happens. You know?

    Loved your entry in the blogfest, and sincerely appreciate you taking part. :-)

  8. Definitely Hatchet-worthy adversaries! Colorado sure has seen their share of grief this year, so I hope this is an end to it.

  9. Pat, that's terrible! I hope they can find her without his help. The family deserves to put her to rest properly.

    Becca, it is. Then again, I've got some personal stories to prove that it has been scary for quite awhile. It just wasn't as well publicized back in the day.

    Alex, don't they!?

    Andrew, I'm pretty sure I'll be busy with most of these, ha!

    Petronela, I'd love to be able to take cancer out with a hatchet. It figures heavily in my family. I'm sorry to hear about your boyfriend.

    Cynthia, it's always sad to hear about this type of thing. Our area definitely doesn't have a monopoly on it, but what has happened this year has been such that it has been on the news all over.

    Golden Eagle, either way, I'm going to hop that. For everywhere. Hope never hurts.

    EJ, I don't think that sounds silly at all. All of the darkness and negativity needs to be balanced by light and positive energy. Otherwise, how would we bear it? This was a fun blogfest! Good luck with your launch.

    Hart, I hope it's an end, too. They say things come in threes, and just for this area I guess that would be three. Hoping that's it for awhile. But I'd love to see things improve all over, too.