Monday, August 20, 2012

What's Inspired You This Week?

I went out for one of my late-night walks last night and came across a young teen boy, too young to be out walking after midnight.  He hid behind a tree until he realized it was just some chick (that's me), and then he headed on his way in the opposite direction of where I was heading.

We were on opposite sides of the street, so I didn't get a good look.  I couldn't describe him to police or identify him in a line-up, but I could pick out the things I was able to see and extract possible reasons he was out walking at this time of night.

The Mundane: Perhaps he was just on the way back from a friend's house after sneaking out to play video games.  Mom said no more Halo 3, but Jack's mom was cool with it, and even baked them cookies while they played.  

The Naughty: He was drinking with some friends at the park (which was the direction he was coming back from).  Having been given the cold-shoulder when the bottle he'd spun landed on Amy, his one true love, Ben took a different sort of walk of shame home, the sound of malicious youthful laughter ringing in his ears.

The Spiritual: A remnant spirit, walking his final walk, doomed to repeat it for eons to punish the serial killer who ended his young life.  When did it happen?  His clothes were fairly timeless for the last few decades: jeans and an over-sized white t-shirt.  Could his killer still be alive?

The Magical: School is starting, so maybe he was just a young wizard, sneaking out from his reluctant family's home to catch the double decker spirit ride to the train station.  A wink of glass tells me he was wearing glasses.  Harry, that you?

The Evil: Tired from a long evening of torturing small animals, young Mordred strolled home, visions of doing the same to humans on his mind.

The Supernatural: Confused as to why it hadn't waited for a full moon, Sam quickly walked home after returning to human form.  Luckily, he had managed to get his clothes off before changing to his lupine form, so he was able to get dressed and not look too conspicuous.

The Vengeful: Lucas walked with triumph, mixed with trepidation, having finally taken his stepfather's life in revenge for years of ill treatment.  He stuck to the shadows, heading to Jake's house to climb back into his sleeping bag and solidify his alibi.

The Epic: Cast into a time not his own, John felt naked without his mighty sword.  He bravely marched ahead, wondering what these large metal behemoths were, sitting so squat and placid on these strange stone pathways.  Were they oracles?  Would they come to life at any moment?

The Other-Wordly: Jujemon, short for his alien name, which is unpronounceable in Human, studied the strange planet he'd just landed on.  Weird green things danced and swayed in the wind; a humanoid being walked past; tiny space ships littered the landscape, grounded for some unknown reason.

What has gotten your creative juices flowing this week?  What do you think my young friend was doing out on a Sunday night after midnight?  Were his intentions good or evil?

May you find your Muse.

Xbox-Controller by OCAL,
Bottle by OCAL,
Floating Ghost by OCAL,
Secretlondon Wizard S Hat by lyo,
Psycho Icecube by Kelly,
Werewolf by OCAL,
Poison by OCAL,
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Alien Eyes by OCAL,


  1. Love those!! :)

    We were on vacation last week, and a lot of people watching occurred! :) The love glowed from a nearby table in one restaurant where an engagement party took place - it was great!

  2. I'm rarely out walking very late, but I sometimes see people walking as I look out my window. Where I live I'm suspect of just about anyone young or old who I see walking at night. Your mind seems to work similar to mind. I can make up a myriad of stories out of anything I see or hear.

    Wrote By Rote

  3. I see you're a people watcher who extrapolates like I do. Why are they doing that, and why do they look suspicious?

    Whereas, hubs thinks of the simple response - the kid's on his way home from a friend's and he knows some of the bullies from school live near here.

    BTW - what were you doing out walking late? Taking back the streets? Keep yourself safe, too.

  4. What a great imagination you have. I probably would have thought the worst.

  5. All great possibilities! Young people are more nocturnal than most anybody.

  6. I'd take a different angle--why was he hiding? Lots of possibilities there.

  7. My question is the same as D.G's, what are you doing out walking after midnight? I don't even go out walking that late.

  8. Who knew this boy would inspire so many story lines?! I love it.

  9. I'm so impressed with all you could create just from seeing this one boy! I think the spiritual one is my favorite, so chilling, yikes.

  10. wow what an inspiration for me a photo inspired me this week

  11. I'd imagine he missed curfew and was sneaking home from his girlfriend's house.

  12. Well, Shannon, my hat would be off to you, if I wore one. You took one little incident and cast so many entertaining spins on rock, Gurl. Me, I'm looking at it from the maternal point of view where I'm wondering why the hell his parents are letting such a little kid walk home on his own, late at night, don't they know there are BAD PEOPLE out there????? *Ahem* Never mind me, that's just my empty-nest syndrome babbling...
    Some Dark Romantic

  13. The only ones walking late around my way are loud ones after having a jolly time with a little tipple at one of the many local hostelries nearby.

    I would like to think your young lad was The Magical, if only so that it would mean that double decker knight bus was for real.

  14. Watch yourself out on those streets late at night!

    I love people watching, too. Just their appearance or mannerisms are usually enough to spark something off.

  15. Hehe! Those thoughts of what he was doing are pretty awesome. :)

  16. I wonder why that boy went and hid when he saw you. Could it be that you're the magician/spirit/bad guy and he was just going for a stroll?

  17. I haven't had an inspiring week so far, but I'm taking the train tomorrow which always yields a bonanza of "characters". Last trip, I watched a girl change her entire outfit without leaving her seat or exposing anything naughty- it was quite a feat :-)

  18. Jemi, that sounds delightful!

    Lee, oh yes, I enjoy coming up with stories about people around me, and walks clear my mind and get that started. Funnily enough, I'm suspicious of people out walking at night, too, even though I make a habit of it.

    D.G., it helps me relax before bed, get exercise if I missed it earlier, and clear my mind. I like "taking back the night," though. Haha. I do try to be as safe as I can and stick to the streets where I know people in the houses around me. Promise!

    Susan, he was so timid to be out there I figured he couldn't truly be up to no good. I'm shocked he was out there alone at his age.

    Rosaria, that is definitely true! I remember every sleepover had the goal of not sleeping at all.

    Lauren, that's true. I'm just that scary.

    Andrew, I hadn't exercised that day! And at night I don't have to worry about running into people (usually). I love that peace.

    Susan, certainly not him, eh!?

    Julie, glad you liked it! It was fun; I was thinking about it the rest of the walk.

    Becca, cool! I wonder what photo. Will have to come see if you posted about it.

    Mary, I wouldn't doubt it. I certainly hope no adult knowingly let him be out there by himself.

    Mina, I definitely felt the same way. I was thinking if I was his mom I'd be livid if someone made him walk home alone. Then again, why wouldn't his parents have picked him up? All the houses in the area he disappeared (I turned just a short way down and he was nowhere to be seen) were pitch black, though, so his parents must have been sleeping.

    DayDreamer, I was sort of hoping to witness the bus arriving, but it was not to be.

    Nick, I swear I'm careful! It's definitely fun to try to get to know something about them by watching and extrapolating.

    Cherie, thanks! It was fun.

    Rosalind, ah, I like your twist! Can't believe you were the first to turn it on me! Nicely done, haha.

    Li, that is impressive! I had to do that at Water World last week. Was quite delighted I didn't end up flashing anyone.

  19. What a lovely fascinating idea to view a character in different circumstances. I must confess my favorite is the magic one... and the epic one :). I loved this topic, maybe one day I might steal this idea to create a post on my blog. Kisses.

  20. Unikorna, I think it would be great fun to do this with various characters from a story, just to see all the different ways things would go. Feel free to steal!