Wednesday, February 22, 2012

[Mostly] Wordless Wednesday: Field Full O' Elk

Seeing as how it's been cold and randomly snowy around here, how about a photo theme that's the epitome of winter? I never posted any photos of the elk we ran into on our way into Estes Park in November, and the feel of the photos seemed apt for today. So, without further ado, elk!

The first photo is to give you an idea of how large this herd was (I suspect it was many herds, but I'm not elk expert). This is maybe 1/4 of the elk out there, if that much.

Just a note: Any barbwire fencing you see is because they had wandered onto someone's fenced property. They were wild, not trapped within a fence.

I've lived in Colorado since I was twelve, but my trip to Estes Park two years ago was the first I ever saw elk. The second time was this past November. They're neat animals to observe.

Ever seen elk? Moose? Do you live somewhere with a lot of deer (random question, I know, but I thought everyone had herds of deer in their neighborhood all the time until recently)?

May you find your Muse.


  1. Nice photos! I've only seen them in Yellowstone Park many years ago.

  2. Hey! I live in Oslo at the moment and have travelled to Sweden a lot. I have yet to see an Elk or Moose (I'm so confused about the difference) but I have been served some on a plate!

    Up in the mountains it is possible to see a lot of reindeer. We once had to stop the car to let them pass, but that was the only time I've seen them. Deer are absolutely my favourite animal and these Elk photos are so lovely!

    Nice to meet you :)

  3. No elk in NC, but plenty of deer! I find tracks in my frontyard every now and then in the mornings.

  4. Stunning photos, Shannon! WOW!
    We do see elk, moose and deer here in my province, but you really have to go "up country" to see them.

    Last June, while visiting friends in the Cariboo, I encountered a team of deer, that looked none to friendly. Luckily, they were not interested in me!!

    Wonderful post! Thanks for sharing such great photos!

    Jenny @ Pearson Report
    Co-Host of the Blogging from A to Z Challenge.
    Twitter: @AprilA2Z

  5. Years ago in my hometown, there was an elk farm. I would go out to see it whenever I visited my folks. Big animals, able to jump over normal fences with ease.

  6. I love Estes Park! It's such a beautiful place with Rocky Mountain Nat'l Park right next door. I've been there twice and never saw any elk or moose, but do remember eating in a restaurant along the river there and seeing the deer (or elk?) right across the bank. Thanks for sharing your photos. They are wonderful!

  7. Alex, I still haven't been to Yellowstone. Sort of silly since we drove through Wyoming every year to get to Oregon pre-kids. I want to go photograph me some grizzlies!

    Inspire, thank you! How neat to get to see reindeer!

    Andrew, funny, me, too! Ha!

    Aidan, I love deer prints in my yard! Not so much deer piles in my yard.

    Jenny, thanks! The elk I have to really go north to look for, and though we have the occasional moose wander through, they aren't really "native" here anymore. So sad. My neighborhood has a herd of females and a herd of males. I imagine they've got to secretly meet up since there are baby deer each year.

    Susan, interesting! I've never heard of an elk farm.

    Char, thanks! We ate at one of those restaurants, too; wonder if it was the same one? Can't remember the name. I love Rocky Mountain National Park and hope to go back sometime soon. Maybe in the spring (maybe not this spring, though). I imagine the reason we've seen so many elk up there is that we go up in the fall when it's elk-rutting season.