Wednesday, February 15, 2012

[Mostly] Wordless Wednesday: Fairy Wonderland

We had one of those perfect snows on Saturday. The kind where the snow sticks to the trees and brush and coats them in glistening white and silver. We had fog, too, which we don't see nearly enough around here (have I mentioned I lived in Oregon for seven years?). Fog and a gentle snow make me want to snuggle up and relax. Instead, I went for a snowy hike in Garden of the Gods and snapped a few pictures.

I hope you enjoyed your walk through my fairy wonderland, winter in the high desert. I know the pics were a bit dark, but, was dark and foggy, and snow was still falling, so I hope you'll excuse my lack of photo prowess.

How is the weather in your area? Are you a fan of snow and fog, or could you do without it?

May you find your Muse.


  1. hey there,
    Your pics are breathtaking!! We have had snow here and it was pretty, but annoying at the same time. As we never seem prepared for it here in the uk!!! could definately do without it :)

  2. Beautiful pictures! Almost makes me shiver just to look at them.

  3. Magnificent photographs. In the UK was have had a less harsh winter, thank goodness but not out of the winter cold yet. Longing for Spring.

  4. These are positively gorgeous--looks like where I live in Northern Nevada!

  5. Beautiful! We don't get snow in my part of the country, and I always look at pictures like this with wistful abandon. I'm sure snow isn't actually as lovely and peaceful as it looks in pictures, but a girl can dream :).

  6. I'm in Los Angeles so that's what the weather is like--same as usual except a little cooler than in summer.
    The Garden of the Gods is such a beautiful place. Nice photos.

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  7. pretty i just don't want to be anywhere near it to cold

  8. Stunning - Garden of the Gods is one of my favorite places in Nature. Thanks for sharing :-) I could use a little more snow around here, myself.

  9. I would've gone for a walk as well! You live in some beautiful country.

  10. I love the red rock and snow on sagebrush look. What a lovely place to hike!

  11. I am so envious of your snow, Shannon! Here, in Northern Louisiana, it's been anywhere from 60-70, with sporadic dips in temperature around 32-ish. Crazy! No wonder we've all got the sniffles.

  12. Oh, gorgeous pictures! It all looks so magical.

    It's been mostly warm here in Tennessee. A few cold days, two or three snow days that I can think of, but generally very warm.

  13. AMAZING photos! MAN, I miss Colorado!

  14. Eve, thank you! I am inclined to think no one's ever prepared for snow! I live in Colorado and everyone always seems surprised when it snows, haha.

    Susan, thank you! It was definitely chilly. 15.7 degrees when I was out there walking. I was well bundled, though.

    Carole, thank you! I like snow, but I don't like cold. I figure it should either be warm or snowing, and I'm about ready for spring, as well.

    Lady Bluestocking, thank you! I'm betting the two places are quite similar; we're not so far away from each other.

    JEM, my cousin went up to Canada for work and got to see real snow for the first time. Everyone should experience it at least once, mess or no mess!

    Lee, it truly is a beautiful place. I'm very lucky to be near it.

    Becca, heat is overrated. ;-p

    Dawn, I agree wholeheartedly!

    Alex, I almost didn't because it was too cold! So glad I did.

    Karen, there is something fun about snow on brush and cacti!

    Alyssia, we were getting those drastic changes in temperature around here and it messed with everyone. I do miss 70's, though!

    Laura, thank you! Do you typically get much snow in TN?

  15. Hi Stephanie! You should really fix that by coming out for a visit. ;-p