Wednesday, January 11, 2012

[Mostly] Wordless Wednesday: Sweater for a Tree

For today's [Mostly] Wordless Wednesday, how about a silly one? I was in downtown Colorado Springs this week, at Poor Richard's Restaurant, which tends to draw a sort of artsy crowd (including the writer's night I attend there once per month). Outside the restaurant, I found this crocheted "sweater" on a tree:

There are different patterns and colors, but they're all connected, right up the trunk and onto the branches. I have no idea why or when this was done, but I loved that it appeared to be a community effort, the differences meshing together to create the whole. This is the sort of thing artists should do more often.

What was the most interesting thing you've seen lately?

P.S. If you have a moment, especially if you like to create videos, head over to the A-to-Z Challenge blog. There is a current challenge that has nothing to do with blogging, and everything to do with making fun videos!

May you find your muse


  1. Haha, I love the tree sweater! How fun. I saw that you are going to be one of the hosts for the A-Z this year, that's awesome. I can't wait for April, I know it will be a blast again.

  2. Well, at least the tree will stay warm during the winter.

  3. We have a retired man in our city who lost his license because he is legally blind-- he now travels around the city on this bike/scooter cart thing that has a big metal arch over it, and he always decorates it to match the season or current holiday-- I saw it earlier parked on a sidewalk covered in big sparkly hearts for Valentines Day. Love it.

  4. That looks neat! Makes me want to do it to our front yard tree now.

  5. Nothing particularly interesting stands out since for me just about everything is interesting. But uniquely interesting? I haven't seen anything that I recall like a tree sweater.

    Tossing It Out

  6. That was a bit of a fad around here for a while. Then people complained that it was a waste of resources and that these people should be knitting for the poor and homeless, not trees and street signs and such. So it pretty much ground things to a halt.

  7. Hey, I know Poor Richards! A lot of my CO writing friends go there. Maybe we know some of the same people. Are you familiar with the Pikes Peak Writers?

  8. A while back, someone made sweaters for the lamp posts downtown. Unfortunately, I have no pics of it :(
    I suppose this is what comes of not having one of those digital appendages people call phones.

  9. Julie, it will be a great time!

    Alex, indeed! Though I'm not sure the tree would care either way.

    Lauren, that's really neat. You need pictures!

    Christine, it's an unusual decoration, which is my favorite kind.

    Becca, funny, but cool.

    Lee, I've certainly never seen it until now!

    Li, how odd that it was popular. I'd never heard of it until now. Good point that people could be doing it for the poor and homeless. Then again, a person has the right to spend their time/resources as they see fit.

    A Beer for the Shower, I am! I'm a member, actually, and meet up there some Mondays. You ever been there? I imagine that is why I first heard of your book from Deb Courtney?

    Andrew, I have to say that there would be no picture had I not been at the restaurant to meet up with old friends I hadn't seen in awhile. While I do have a cell phone, it rarely gets used and the quality of the photos offends my delicate sensibilities. ;-p