Wednesday, December 7, 2011

[Mostly] Wordless Wednesday 12/7/11

Since they've been quite far from wordless recently, I give you...


How's the weather in your neck of the woods?

May you find your Muse.


  1. We're in summer, but it's freezing and the rains have not stopped... not that I'm's very conducive of writing;)

  2. Wow, brilliant photo!

    Very windy and very cold here. Come oooon snow! Wishing for a white Christmas :D

  3. Stinking hot and humid! A stinking tropical summer. But soon the rains will come and cool us down in time for Christmas.

  4. Very very windy here in New England today. The wind's bringing in colder temps too!

  5. Tania, I love writing on a rainy day!

    Miss Cole, thank you! I am, too! Come on, white Christmas!

    Jen, I hope the rains come soon and give you some relief.

    Joanne, any snow being brought by those winds?

  6. It's chilly up here in Woodland Park, but I had a wonderful day unpacking Christmas ornaments!


  7. We've had such a horrible drought this year in central some rain last week, we needed it so bad! and finally some cooler temps. That photo does look frigid! Hope you're staying warm. :) Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier, have a great weekend!


  8. Scarlett, I hear you! I'm glad you guys got some rain. We're in constant drought up here, too; the snow has been so piddly that people are still watering their lawns, despite the cold temps. If we get moisture, I'll pass it your way.

  9. It's supposed to be summer here in Oz, but the weather is pretty bad with rain every day.
    Love the pic.

  10. Lynda, are you in an area of Australia where all this rain is normal, or is this a once every x number of years amount of rain?