Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Twitter Pitch Contest

So I lied. I'm posting today, too.

I came across this pitching contest at Sisters in Scribe. The agent is Sara Megibow of Nelson Literary Agency, which is located up in Denver. Woot! Her preferred reads are listed at that link, but it sounds like the main focus is YA, MG and Romance (the YA and MG don't have to be romance). I misunderstood earlier and said you needed Twitter, but you do not, in fact, need to have Twitter to enter this contest, as it will be on the Sisters in Scribe blog. You just have to limit the characters to 140 as you would have to on Twitter. Plus, it's good practice for when you do sign up for Twitter...

Notice, also, that it says she is seeking clients. I looked at Kristin Nelson's blog and she mentioned that now seemed to be a lucky time to query them, so check it out.

Also, since I'm out and about, if you completed the A to Z Challenge, Elizabeth Mueller has created an award for that. Check it out here. I've also seen one floating around that resembles the original badge of participation. Either way, congrats if you completed it!

I wanted to thank Julie for the Stylish Blogger Award!

She has a wonderful blog called What Else is Possible. Though she's an aspiring writer like me, she does actually post about things not related to writing sometimes. Shocking, I know! She is also interested in animal issues and blogs about that in addition to writing. We found each other through the A to Z Challenge. Check out her blog by clicking her blog name above or clicking the Stylish Blogger Award on the right. Thank you, Julie, for honoring me with the award!

Happy Writing!


  1. I have a twitter account, so I will check it out. I have no idea what a pitch is, but hey, learn something new every day, right?? :)

  2. OH! Pitch. I get it. Yeah, sorry. It's been a long day...

  3. LOL, Matt, I've had plenty of those days! I'll be posting a little about pitches and loglines tomorrow, which might be helpful for this. Good luck!

  4. You don't need a twitter account to enter. The contest will be on our blog so it's open to anyone who can get online and post their twitter (140 character) pitch.

    Valerie (from Sisters in Scribe)

  5. Valerie, thank you for the clarification. I will correct that in the post!

  6. Gahhh, I'm so not ready to I wrote about recently. LOL. damn.

  7. Best of luck in the pitching contest! I haven't decided whether to join in or not.


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  9. Edited, because I saw you've fixed it.

    Thanks for spreading the word about our contest, Shannon! You rock!

    (Lacey @ Sisters in Scribe)

  10. I pitched an agent once and got a partial request from it. Nerve wracking. (=

    Stop by my blog for your award.

  11. Hey! I tagged you in my recent blog post. Thought you might like to know!

    And do you have a Facebook? I'd love to friend you!

  12. Trisha, I'll pass along anything I find that comes along and sounds good, so no worries! It looks like there will be plenty of opportunities to come.

    Debbie, I hope you do!

    L.J., no problem! It's an awesome contest for you guys to run and a great opportunity.

    Jo, was it at a conference? And thank you, will put this up today or tomorrow!

    Lydia, I do have a Facebook. If you go to the Warrior Muse one I'm the Admin on it. It's a picture of a brain (MRI--mine, LOL) and my name is on there. I think I found you, though, and sent you a friend request.

  13. Hi, Shannon! Thanks for sharing this contest, you always share such great links! Thanks too for the shout-out, and you're very welcome for the award.

  14. Julie, no problem. I can't wait to hear that someone on here has won!

    Jo, cool. I am going to pretend that it is a fact that querying is easier than pitching live and therefore it is just all uphill from here.

  15. I'm tickled by the cute awards making their way around Bloggyityville! I think that even if Tossing it Out doesn't officially sanction our plan, we could still do it. I've never played around with making an that would be some good learning for me.
    Tina @ Life is Good