Thursday, May 26, 2011

New Look, Contest & A to Z Followup Signup

Today is the first scheduled post during my vacation. We're on our way to Orlando to enjoy the end of the school year with good friends, but I didn't want to abandon you entirely, so I have written and scheduled several posts, just in case I am unable to sign in during my trip! I try to respond to all comments, but it will take me longer than usual during my vacation. If I'm unable to sign in during my trip, I will get back to everyone upon my return.

You probably noticed the blog is looking a little different. It became a necessity when the old template wouldn't allow me to change certain details, which made both my poll and the signup for the A to Z impossible to read unless you highlighted the text with your cursor. I figured people wouldn't appreciate that, so a new look it is! Eventually, I will get around to putting a custom face on here, but I have no idea when I'll have the time.

Before I explain about the A to Z signup, I wanted to let everyone know about a contest Sylvia Ney is running on her blog Writing in Wonderland. It is a 1000 word picture-prompted contest. The picture is a great choice, and one I can see inspiring some very interesting stories. Click on the name of her blog above for details. She is accepting submissions through June 6, 2011.

You may have also noticed a little linky underneath the name and description of my blog. This is a signup to participate in the Followup Blog Hop to the A to Z, where Tina of Life is Good and I are encouraging those who participated in the A to Z Challenge to visit the blogs they missed while working so hard to keep up with the challenge, itself. I've found so many wonderful blogs via the participants of the original challenge, and I'm sure there are many I've missed, so far. The goal is to visit all of the blogs by the end of the summer. You may take it as far as you please, whether that means simply visiting each blog and commenting where you choose, or making it a point to comment on every blog you visit. This linky list will eventually appear on Tina's blog (she is on vacation at the same time as me, and I needed some time to fiddle with the linky, as it was my first time attempting one). If there is anyone else who would like to be a host of this blog hop, please leave me a comment with the means to contact you in my comments or email me via the email in my profile. I will get you the code to put it on your blog, as well.

While there is no true official start or end date to this hop, it is meant to be a summer challenge. I intend to start June 1 and be finished by September 1. The linky list will remain open for signups until July 1. Let me know in comments if you have any questions. You can access the original signup list of the A to Z Challenge by clicking on the A to Z apple badge on the right side of my blog. Anyone can join, whether they participated in the original challenge or not. This is really about touching base with other bloggers and getting out there to find new blogs you might enjoy.

Happy Writing!


  1. Blogger is becoming a pain. I may go to Wordpress.

  2. Have a great vacation! The blog hop is a great idea!


  3. Have a wonderful vacation, Shannon! And thanks for the Blog Hop opportunity! :)

  4. Thanks, Shannon, for getting this up! I'm at the beach, and internet access costs a ridiculous amount, so I'm not getting around, but had to come see you! Nice job on all of this! Excited to jump back in after 6/5.

  5. I found some great blogs during A-Z. Cool idea!

  6. The blog hop is a terrific idea! I'd really like another chance to catch up on all the great blogs! Have a fabulous vacation! Julie

  7. Hi, Shannon! I hope you're having an amazing time in Orlando!

    Thanks for this great idea with the A-Z Challenge, I'm excited to participate in it. You're so right, I found so many amazing blogs through that challenge, but I didn't come anywhere close to visiting all of them. This is a fantastic opportunity to catch all of those that I missed!

    I'd be happy to help with hosting, thanks again for the opportunity!

  8. Shelly, it is having its share of issues, isn't it?

    Carla, thank you, vacation was great! Playing catch up now.

    Alyssia, so happy to have you along, and thank you!

    Tina, I hope you're having a wonderful time on vacation! "See" you soon!

    Jo, I also found some great blogs during the hop, including yours!

    Julie, thank you! My vacation was definitely fabulous.

    Julie, I'm glad you'll be along for the challenge! I will contact you about hosting. Thank you!