Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The New Never News & Updates

Hello! I have been hard at work making edits after my first reader got back to me with some questions and comments. I've finished that edited draft and started sending out copies to a couple other people who had offered to read for me, so I'm excited to hear back from them and see what people have to say. My reader's comments were positive, and it gave me a little boost to keep at it. I'll be getting a Read & Critique at the Pikes Peak Writer's Conference at the end of April and then I hope to be querying agents.

I am considering entering the Colorado Gold contest. It is a writing contest for full-length manuscripts, and can lead to exposure to several agents/publishers. I need a little more information on whether I can be submitting the novel elsewhere during that time first, because the results don't come in until October. That feels like a long time to wait at this point, but then I'm all hot to trot on getting started and trying to get published. I believe they start opening up for entries sometime in April. I'm watching the Chiseled in Rock blog intently for more information: http://chiseledinrock.blogspot.com/2011/03/novel-meet-your-new-agent-and-editor.html

I submitted a post to Colorado author J.A. Kazimer's blog and it was posted last night. To check it out, go here: http://networkedblogs.com/fEWLN It's a fun blog to follow and you can submit your own stories (see the upper right side of the page).

I stopped by Beth Groundwater's book launch for Deadly Currents and got a signed copy of her new book! I'm excited to read it, but am in the middle of another book, so it's next on my list. You can visit her blog here: http://bethgroundwater.blogspot.com/

Finally, I attended a great Pikes Peak Branch of the National League of American Pen Women meeting this past weekend. Attorney Brenda Speer spoke with us about copyrights and protecting our work in the digital age. I learned quite a bit of new information and had a great time with the ladies. I've been asked to do a program on Facebook and I've got some work to do on some other things, so I'm both incredibly nervous and excited.

That's all for today. Happy Writing!


  1. just wanted to say hi, and am looking forward to following you through the A-Z challenge
    Laura x

  2. Hi Laura, thank you! Are you participating?

  3. Glad you've joined the A to Z Challenge! You can either grab the Challenge button from any of the hosts or I can email you a jpg image.