Thursday, March 31, 2011

A is for...

A to Z Blogging Challenge!

Ha! Is that a cop-out? I figure by the end of this post there will be multiple "A's", so bear with me.

Moving on...

Today is the first day of the A to Z Challenge. I'd like to stick with the overall theme of my blog, which is my journey to publication, along with everything I learn along the way. I'm hoping to introduce my readers to my novel in one way or another, and I'm thinking part of that introduction will come around "L," so stick around.

A is also for...


Ooooo, agents. I am at the stage where I will be seeking an agent, so that word simultaneously strikes fear into my heart and sets it all aflutter. What does an agent mean to me? An agent is the first step to getting published. An agent accepting my work means someone thinks it is worth their time. An agent is a door opening. A big one.

Yes, I know full-well an agent accepting me as a client does not guarantee they will be able to find me a publisher. I realize it does not guarantee a publisher will see the same value in what I've written as I and the agent do. But it's a start.

Now is the time to sit down and research agents in my field. I'll be able to meet several at the upcoming conference, which I'm looking forward to. Last year I was all about the authors, because that's where I was, but this year it is all about the agents, which is more nerve wracking. I love that I will be able to get a feel for them in person, to see if we mesh in any way, because one point that has been pounded home in the last year is that you want to get along with your agent. If you don't like your agent, publishing will not be a pleasant experience for you. You will be working together, and we all know what an unpleasant experience it can be to have a co-worker who makes us miserable.

Realizing that, though, if I got an offer from an agent I didn't like, would I be so desperate to be published that I would blow off that advice? I can't answer that right now. All I can do is try my best to gauge who the best agent is and go from there. I think the conference will give me a leg up on this, as there are several representatives who work with Young Adult writers.

I'd considered doing one more "A," but I think this is probably long-winded enough. It seems like these posts are meant to be short. I wonder which will be the greater challenge: being consistent about writing every day on here or not babbling on and on and on. You be the judge.

Happy Writing!

P.S. Good luck to my fellow Challenge bloggers! After all, A is for Author, too!

Second P.S. I'm posting this a tad early, as it's only 10:30pm on the 31st here in Colorado, but it's the 1st somewhere (like on the east coast), and I'm a mom of littles, so night time is the best time to be sure to get something up on time.

MTA: A is also for Award! Check out the Powerful Woman Writer Award on the right-hand side of this blog. Thank you to Deirdre Coppel at A Storybook World blog for the honor! You can click on the award badge to view her site.


  1. It's April 1st here on the east coast and has been April 1st in other places even longer so I think you're covered.

    I'm also planning to introduce my various projects this month. The first one will be on the 4th. Eek.

    Good luck!

    M.J. Fifield
    My Pet Blog

  2. (= Found you on A-Z list.

    Great post!

  3. M.J. I see your eek and raise you an ack! Good luck to you! I will definitely be checking in on the 4th. Nerve wracking, yet exciting.

    Hi, Jo, thank you!

  4. I love your site and as I browsed your blog I decided to award you the Powerful Woman Writer Award.

    Go to and pick up your award.


  5. Deirdra, Thank you! I posted the award and linked it to your blog! Good luck with the A to Z Challenge!

  6. Hi Shannon,
    Thanks so much for checking out my blog. I think you'll make a great writer and will find an "A"gent soon!!
    Good luck with the A-z Challenge and check back on my photos. It's been fun picking out the suitable ones.
    Thanks for checking out my blog and for the 'follow'! So glad to have you with me!!! I’m still new to blogging and really appreciate any new followers.
    Did you notice that you can click on my main page photo and it will take you directly to Oak Lawn Images, Facebook site and to the catalogue of photos. Or, if you select the link under the group of thumbnail photos, on my main page, you can just view the photographs on Flickr. If you see any you like, I’d love to have the feedback.
    Please check back frequently because I often change the main blog page photo.
    Kathy @ Oak Lawn Images

  7. I'm sort of in the same place you are, so I will be following along to see how you do. If you're interested in swapping manuscripts, let me know.

  8. Here's to all of us getting agents. Thanks for stopping by! I'll visit daily.

  9. Hi Shannon,
    Yikes ! not ready yet for the Agent, that isa bit far off for us right now, but you GO GIRL !!
    Love the story here !
    Thanks for following our blog, we returned the favor !

  10. Kathy, hi, I didn't click through yet, but I can tell you my favorite on the A post was the Algae Stump. I have a thing for interesting trees. Photography is a hobby of mine, and I love looking at beautiful photos and how people have composed them. I'll definitely be checking back.

    Andrew, hopefully I end up with good news and information! Congratulations on your novel on Kindle, and good luck with your agent search and writing.

    Busy, definitely cheers to that! Good luck to you and I'll be following along with you!

    JL & B, Thanks! Here's to hoping you're at the agent stage by this time next year. This time last year I was waiting to attend my first conference to see what there was to see, nothing started in the way of a novel, just hoping to get a little inspiration. A lot can happen in a year!

  11. Congratulations on being ready to find an agent! I am still working towards that, but I know the day will come. :)

  12. All the best for your novel, Shannon.

    Hope you find your agent soon. :-)

    Thanks for visiting me and wish you success!

  13. Carrie, it most certainly will. Thank you for the congratulations; I hope they're in order for you soon, as well!

    Sau Graam, thank you for your wishes and your comment! I enjoy your poetry.