Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Tree of Life Book Trailer & Links

Today's [Mostly] Wordless Wednesday is the Tree of Life book trailer!

You can purchase Tree of Life, which includes my story set to the musical piece Turning Point, at Amazon. Only $.99 for the collection, and all proceeds go to the Downey Education Fund, which was set up for Tina's boys.

Now for some links.

Accepting Submissions:

River Styx is accepting submissions by mail through November 30. They accept short stories, poems, plays, and essays. Payment is in the form of cash, plus contributor copies, plus a one-year subscription.

Wolf Willow Journal is accepting submissions for their winter issue, with the theme star-crossed lovers. They accept flash fiction, short fiction, non-fiction, photography, and artwork. Pays cash depending upon type of submission. Winter issue deadline November 30.

Vine Leaves Literary Journal closes for submissions to their January issue November 30. Prose and script up to 800 words, poetry, artwork and photography. Pays 3.50 EURO per edition.

Bad Dream Entertainment is open to submissions of short fiction, novellas, novels, and articles. Submissions close November 30. Dark speculative fiction. This is a paying market.

ZYZZYVA is accepting submissions of non-fiction, short fiction, and poetry through November 30. Also, artwork. Payment is not detailed, and they only accept mailed submissions.

The Future Fire is seeking short works for their anthology, Accessing the Future. Deadline November 30. Speculative fiction. 2500-7500 words. Pays $.06/word.

The Knicknackery is accepting poetry, short fiction, non-fiction, and artwork. All genres. Token payment.

Cracked is looking for writers for their humor site. Paying market, though payment is not specified. Cracked is free to read, so you can research the types of articles they accept.

Strange House Books is accepting your weird flash fiction for Strange Story Saturdays. Pay is not detailed. Open submissions.


The Hermaneutic Chaos Literary Journal is holding their first annual Jane Lumley Prize for Emerging Writers. Deadline November 30. This year entries must be poetry. It will alternate each year between poetry and prose. First prize is $300 and publication.

What do you think of the Tree of Life trailer? Any of these links interest you? Anything to add? Publication news?

May you find your Muse.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Such an amazing trailer.

A Beer for the Shower said...

That really is a cool trailer, and for such an awesome cause, at that. Will definitely be grabbing this.

Crystal Collier said...

It's an amazing trailer, and an awesome cause/project. Definitely a cause worth supporting. =)

Unleashing the Dreamworld

Christine Rains said...

Fantastic trailer! Thanks for the links. I got a few rejections recently and need to submit more.

Shannon Lawrence said...

Alex, it is! It perfectly encapsulates the project.

B&B, yay!

Crystal, it is!

Christine, good luck! I'm with you.

Pat Hatt said...

One of the best trailers I've seen indeed, awesome job. Tons of links, wow, never knew there were so many

J.L. Campbell said...

Lots of links for those of us who want to submit.I like the trailer. Nice effects and the quotes from the various authors makes it unique.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the book trailer and the links.

Empty Nest Insider said...

I also think it's a fantastic trailer for such a worthwhile cause. Congrats on being a part of this Shannon! I look forward to reading it!


Shell Flower said...

That's a great trailer. Quite a cool project. And your blog is so awesome for finding markets. Some excellent links here.

dolorah said...

Beautiful Trailer.

I need to get writing to themes this month. I do better with deadlines and specific story concepts anyways.

Thanks Shannon. Have a great weekend.

Maurice Mitchell said...

Very thoughtful trailer Shannon and wonderful music.

Shannon Lawrence said...

Pat, when Sam wants something done, she gets it done right!

J.L., I do like the quotes. It gives an idea of what's in the story.

Susanne, thank you for stopping by!

Julie, thank you! I hope you enjoy!

Shell, thank you! I figure since I'm often searching for publications, I should share.

Dolorah, good luck with your writing! I do better with constraints, as well. Most of the time.

Maurice, isn't it lovely?