Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Really Wordy Wednesday & Links

Instead of posting a picture and hardly any words (not including the links, of course), I figured I'd share a panel from the Pikes Peak Writers Conference. Patrick Hester moderated it and it was recorded as a podcast, which is available on the SF Signal Podcast. It's a panel on diversity in writing, with panelists Chuck Wendig, Jim C. Hines, Carol Berg, and Amy Boggs. It's an hour long and interesting listening.

CLICK HERE to go to SF Signal. If it's no longer the primary one listed, it's episode 247, PPWC 2014.

Now for some links! As always, please bear in mind that I am not personally vetting these links, merely passing along items of interest. Always do your due diligence before submitting to a market or contest.

Accepting Submissions:

Vine Leaves Literary Journal is currently in their open submission period for their July issue. Closes May 31. They accept prose, poetry, artwork, and photography. Pays $5 per accepted piece.

Arc Poetry Magazine accepts poetry  through May 31. Pays $40 per page.

Glimmer Train is in their non-fee reading period in the standard category and short story award category (contest). They pay well--$700 for the standard category, and $1500 for first prize in the short fiction category. Deadline May 31.

Monkey Star Press is accepting submissions for two anthologies: Mom for the Holidays (May 31st deadline) and Adventures in Potty Training (June 30th deadline). 700-1200 words. $125 per 1000 word essay.

Ephiroll Productions is putting together an anthology based on a specific plague. Pay is $20 per story or $10 plus 2% royalties. Deadline June 1. 2000+ words.

Angelic Knight Press and Lincoln Crisler (editor) are looking for short stories about rituals. 3000-5000 words. Deadline June 1. Pays in royalties.

Bizarro Pulp Press is open for submissions to their anthology, Surreal Worlds, through June 1. Pay varies per words submitted ($0 to $50, plus contributor copy).


Wax Poetry and Art Magazine is holding a contest for residents of Canada only. Deadline May 18. No more than 250 words. Free to enter. 1st Prize is $25.

Southeast Missouri State University Press is holding a contest for Proud to Be: Writing by American Warriors. Open to military personnel, veterans, and their families. No entry fee. $250 1st prize in five categories.

Of Interest:

Page Lambert is leading one of her three annual writing adventures to Peru. This one is for women only (not all of them are, but this is). October 3-14. Initial registration and deposit needs to be in by June 1 (I think). See the website for details.

What did you think of the podcast? Do you feel we need more diversity? Any examples of authors who have embraced diversity in their writing? Any of these links of interest to you? Anything to share?

May you find your Muse.


  1. Thanks so much for the links! Will have to check them out.

  2. Whew! As always, you've provided a whole ton of awesome here. Way to go.

  3. Ooh, I'll share for you. Great links! (Um ... how much of a goober am I to admit that I still don't get the gist of podcasts?)

  4. I'll have to listen to that later. It's something I'm interested in. I recast some in my new story, because it was too pale.

  5. Hey human, Shannon,

    My poor paws clinked on the link. Sounded like somebody hit a gong and then some dude with a funny accent started talking. Thanks for the link and I wish I could listen to a bit more. Maybe later.

    You humans need more diversity. I would say you should let more animals such as me take over and show you all about diversity.

    Thanks for no links mentioning blog hops. The detox must be working, my good human friend :)

    Pawsitive wishes,

    Penny! :)

  6. Hi Shannon! Just now getting back to my IWSG comments, and wanted to sincerely thank you for your words last week. You truly put a smile on my face. And thanks for all of the information! New follower for life :D

    Randi Lee

  7. Wow Peru! I'd go on that trip and I'm not a writer. Or a woman for that matter.

  8. Will have to check out the podcast when I have time. Though I haven't used any of your links yet, it's nice to know I have the resource of your Wednesday posts WHEN (not IF) I ever get to that point. It's a great service you give to the blogging community and I wanted to say thanks.
    Tina @ Life is Good
    On the Open Road! @ Join us for the 4th Annual Post-Challenge Road Trip!