Wednesday, May 28, 2014

[Mostly] Wordless Wednesday - Purrrrrrrrr & Links

Cute, isn't he? All fluffy and soft looking? Totally pet-able. Until he eats the villagers, that is.

This guy was at the Wild Animal Sanctuary. I've posted pictures of a few of the other critters (lions and tigers and bears...well, you know what comes next.)

Now for some links. Bearing in mind, as usual, that I am merely passing along links I've come across. I am not endorsing any of these publications, personally. Please always do your due diligence before submitting to a publication or contest.

Accepting Submissions:

Cleis Press has put out a call for submissions for Pillow Talk: Erotic Romance for Women. Deadline June 15. 2500-5000 words. Pays $50 per story and two contributor copies.

Matter Press and The Journal of Compressed Creative Arts are currently accepting poetry, prose, creative nonfiction, triptychs, and visual arts. Deadline June 15. Pays $50. is looking for stories of their project Fifty Shades of Green. 1200-6000 words. Deadline June 15. Pays $100.

Freeze Frame Fiction is looking for flash fiction stories. Current submission window closes June 15. Pays $10.

Wolf Willow Journal is looking for poetry, fiction, non-fiction, photography, and artwork. Submissions for their summer edition close June 15. The summer edition theme is Ephemera. Payment varies between $10-$20, depending on type of submission.

Eye to the Telescope wants poems about science. Deadline June 15. Pays $.03/word.

Sorcerous Signals is seeking fantasy themed short stories. 10,000 words or less. Deadline is June 15 for the November issue. Pays $5 for short stories, $2 for poems and flash fiction.


Human Echoes Podcast is holding a contest. They're looking for Dinopunk (yes, you read that right) stories of 1000 words or less. Deadline June 6. First prize is $10 and your story as a podcast.

The Norton Writer's Prize is an essay contest open only to college students (both 2- and 4-year). Deadline June 16. First prize $1500.

Of Interest:

Jason Diamond wrote about 50 Places Every Literary Fan Should Visit on Flavorwire. Some are houses, some museums (some both), and some are graves/graveyards. Some interesting places, all told!

Any of these catch your attention? Anything to share? Submission news? Doesn't that tiger look cuddly?

May you find your Muse.


  1. I've been so reticent with my writing lately-- I should look into a couple of your links. Thanks for sharing.

    And yes, he sure looks cuddly-- from afar!

  2. Tigers are beautiful but I don't think I want to pet one.
    Sharing that one link with my college daughter.

  3. He is cute. Wonder if tigers are as bossy as housecats.

  4. Did you actually get that close to the tiger? I'd be very nervous, though it's a fantasy of my sister's to hug one.

  5. 50 Places Every Literary Fan Should Visit - think I need to check it out.

  6. Hello human, Shannon,

    And nice big kitty. Roar!!!

    I should cuddle that tiger. What a thrill for yet another one of my aroaring, sorry, adoring fans.

    I should check out that link about 50 places every literary fan should visit. No doubt, being a superstar writing dog, I'm on the list.

    Just wanted to share that I thinking you are an amazing human, Shannon!

    Pawsitive wishes,

    Penny :)

  7. This is a sweet photo Shannon! It's so true that tiger is totally pet-able and that's the scariest part. I hope you have a splendid Friday.

  8. Those big cats do make me want to wrap my arms around them, but better judgement tells me no. Beautiful and lethal.

    Thanks for all the digging you do to find the sources for writers.

  9. He does look deceptively cute ... when he's asleep. Wouldn't it be wonderful if lions and tigers were just giant fluffy kitties that loved to be petted, would come when you call and nuzzle you? :)