Wednesday, July 10, 2013

[Mostly] Wordless Wednesday - A View From Above & Links

We hiked up Helen Hunt Falls the other day, amidst a lovely light drizzle (feels magnificent on a 90-some degree day!) I thought I'd share the view from near the top.

Now for some links.

Accepting Submissions:

Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing has two anthology calls out. Cirque D'Obscure is a a dark circus anthology. Deadline July 31. The Cogs of Time is a steampunk anthology. Deadline October 31. Pay unknown.

The July theme for Crossed Genres is Favors (gifts with consequences). Deadline is July 31. The August theme is Young Adult, with a deadline of August 31. Pays 5 cents per word.

Wily Writers Audible Fiction has three themes available for dark fiction short stories: psychological horror, military, and overall speculative fiction. Deadline July 31. Selected stories will be published in text and audio file. 5 cents per word.

The Virginia Quarterly Review seeks poetry, short fiction, and non-fiction. Deadline August 1. Pays $200 per poem or .25 cents per word.

Cleis Press has a call out for submissions of erotica to Men of the Manor: Erotic Encounters Between Upstairs Lords & Downstairs Lads. Deadline August 1. Pays $50 and 2 contributor copies.

Burning Book Press is seeking submissions for their Best Men's Erotica 2014 anthology. Deadline August 1. Pays $25.

World Weaver Press is seeking submissions for a Krampus anthology (yet to be named). Krampus is St. Nick's nasty associate, who comes along to punish children deserving of some discipline. Pays $10 and a paperback copy of the anthology.

The Sleepers Almanac, No. 9 is seeking submissions. Closes August 4. Pay unknown.


Notting Hill Editions is offering the William Hazlitt Essay Prize, a contest seeking the best English-language essay. Prize is £15,000, with 5 runner-ups at £1,000. Deadline is August 1. Any nationality, any topic, as long as it is in English.

Of Interest:

The Review Review published an article by Lynne Barrett, entitled "What Editors Want; A Must-Read for Writers Submitting to Literary Magazines." A thorough article with good information.

Gotten any outdoor time this week? Hiking or camping? Time at the beach or in the mountains? Any of these publications you're interested in? Anything to share?

May you find your Muse.


  1. I have no related comment to make and can't think of anything unrelated.

  2. That's an awesome view. Nothing outside for me right now - too hot and humid here.

  3. This is a great list! two bookmarked right now. Gotta go :)

  4. Great view! Thanks for sharing all of the links.

  5. We love hiking, especially in Sedona,AZ but we enjoy views from all over and you had quite a lovely view.
    We spent the past weekend 'hiking' through Washington D.C. and it was wonderful. Being a former Social Studies teacher I was in heaven :)

    Lucy from Lucy's Reality

  6. Hey Shannon,

    Have you missed me? Yes? No? Who is this person?

    Right then, time to delight you with one of my highly cherished comments.

    I had no idea Helen Hunt had a falls named after her. Did you know in British Columbia there is a "Shannon Falls"? It's true and I wonder...

    Links are neat. Although I leave links to real writers. I'm but a shy, unassuming amateur and love it!

    I've been out all week signing autographs to my adoring fans in England. It has been incredibly hot and sunny. Am I really in England.

    A good weekend to you, Shannon.

    Your starstruck fan,


  7. Sonia, no problem!

    Andrew, aw, thanks for stopping by, anyway.

    Alex, it was surprisingly humid up in Estes Park due to "monsoon" season. Crazy! It looks like we're stuck inside this week due to daily rain and coooooold weather.

    Mardra, yes! Good luck!

    Susanne, thank you!

    Oh, Lucy, I bet! We went to D.C. and only got to spend two days in the city, most of that just meeting up with friends. We want to go back and hit all the museums, maybe stay close to the mall.

    Gary, I saw something about the oddly warm weather! Still going on? We here in the desert seemed to have received your weather. It's cool and drizzly (by cool I mean 60's and 70's for part of the week in the middle of July!!).

    The Helen Hunt these falls are named after is actually Helen Hunt Jackson, an author and advocate for Native Americans way back in the day (late 1800's or 1900's, I think??). Remarkable woman.

    I had no idea there was a falls named after me. How nice of the B.C.'ans! Haha, there is actually a river, city, airport, etc. named after me in Ireland. I don't know how they knew I'd be born and managed to name it all for me well before I or even my parents existed, but what can I say? ;)

  8. Hi Sonia, I can't seem to get to a blog or website for you from here. I'd love to return your visit!

  9. Looks like a beautiful view, but I bet pictures don't really do it justice...

    Olala some erotica links. Too bad that is way out of my comfort zone >.<

    Jak at The Cryton Chronicles & Dreams in the Shade of Ink