Wednesday, July 24, 2013

[Mostly] Wordless Wednesday - Resisting Farmer McGregor & Links

This week's [Mostly] Wordless Wednesday is all about rabbit stew...

Remember this little guy?

Well, he or one of his buddies got into my vegetable garden when someone left the cloche just a little bit off, and he ripped up my green beans then burrowed under the marigolds (which are in there as natural pest repellents, but apparently either got spilled without my awareness or some children "helped" me when I was in the garage getting something - it's undetermined which).

I almost channeled Farmer McGregor, and this rabbit is heretofore named Peter Rabbit, but I was able to get the green beans re-planted because the roots were intact, so we'll see how it goes. Bunnies gotta' burrow, amIright?

Now for some links.

Accepting Submissions:

Chicken Soup for the Soul has a ton of topics open for submissions right now, so I thought I'd pass them along again. Each topic has a deadline. July 29 is The Dating Game and Multitasking Mom's Survival Guide is July 31. Pays $200 upon publication.

Interfictions Magazine is seeking entries for their second issue. They're looking for "work that blurs the lines between literary genres" and "pieces that bridge fiction and non-fiction, poetry and prose." This edition's deadline is July 31. Pays 5 cents per word for fiction, $20 per poem, 3 cents per word for non-fiction, and $50 for interviews.

Dreamspinner Press has an open call for submissions for two collections. Heartwarming is a fictional romance collection of short stories/novellas intended to be an advent calendar, with stories for each day in December. Deadline is August 1. Dr. Feelgood is for romantic short fiction stories with a medical/physical health theme. Deadline is October 1.

Submissions for the next issue of Blackberry Magazine close August 1. No theme. They take poetry, fiction, non-fiction, artwork, and photography. Blackberry is intended to feature the voices of black women writers and artists. Pays in a digital contributor's copy.

The First Line has their next two themes out. They give you the starting line, you finish it. Fall theme is due August 1. Winter theme is due November 1. Click on the link to view the prompt sentences. Pays $30 for fiction, $20 for non-fiction, plus a contributor copy.


Audible, Inc. is presenting the Christopher Doheny Award for writers who have written or are writing a fiction or non-fiction book concerning a struggle with a life-threatening illness, either their own or someone close to them. Deadline is July 31. Prize is $10,000, publication and promotion.

The ABA Journal/Ross Writing Contest for Legal Short Fiction closes on July 31. The piece should be less than 7500 words and "illuminate the role of the law and/or lawyers in modern life. Prize is $3000.

The Tales Pensieve is holding The Virgins Flash Fiction Contest. The deadline is July 31. 100 to 1000 words. They ask you to paint a city as human. Contest is open ONLY to those in India. Prize is a voucher to


World Riot, Inc. is accepting applications for travel grants for small press writers. $100 to $500 will be given to help with travel fees for small press writers traveling to writing events, signings, etc. Please note, there is a $5 processing fee. This is a quarterly grant. This quarter's application deadline is July 31.

Any of these of interest to you? Anything to share? Entered any contests or submitted pieces recently? Anyone have submissions updates? Do you have rabbits in your garden?

May you find your Muse.


  1. As always, thanks for the interesting links.

    That rabbit looks quite harmless....I'm sure he'd do nothing to your garden... :P

  2. Great links, thanks!

    I have two bunnies in my yard, two beautiful brown bunnies that sit very very still when I walk out with my dog, but they don't run away. I think they live under the huge pine tree in our yard, it's branches sit on the ground. They pretend we can't see them and Patches is so shy, she doesn't bother them. Love going out in the early morning to find them! But yeah, not so good for veggie gardens!

  3. What will you do to rid your garden of the pest?

  4. The rabbit is so cute! They never eat my garden, thankfully, and instead choose to gnaw on our leafy weeds. :P

  5. I had a rabbit live very well of my flower bed for two seasons and then I stopped. I couldn't keep the thing out and it ate very well at my expense lol.

    I have never entered a contest or submitted something for publication but I have to admit that Chicken Soup one looks interesting.

    Lucy from Lucy's Reality

  6. Hey Shannon,

    Lucky you, yes it's me, your adoring fan, Gary!

    When I saw that photo of the rabbit, I thought, "Oh no! Not another blog hop!" Geddit? Ignore me, Shannon.

    Look at all those links. Nice one.

    Enter any contests? What? Me? No way!

    I have hedgehogs and foxes in my garden. Along with a whole bunch of really cheerful wee folks.

    Hello Peter Rabbit!

    As ever, your starstruck fan,

    Gary :)

  7. I raise rabbit for hair and eating. Somehow the wilder varieties stay away. It might be my cats that are scaring them away.

    While my rabbits do free range they are kept in a tractor to control them. They stay out of my garden until the harvesting is done.

  8. Wonder what's down the rabbit hole?

  9. My least manly moment ever...

    A while back a bunny destroyed part of the wiring underneath my car because he chewed on it. I set out to destroy said bunny. I saw him out near my car, and threw a rock at him to scare him off. Well, he actually ran right into it, and it hit him right in the head. For whatever reason, instead of running off he hopped right up to my feet with his head bowed, like he was accepting his death. It crushed my heart. I reached down, I petted his little head, and his spirits seemed to brighten.

    Now whenever I'm outside he comes right up to me to say hello. And I pet him and he sucks on my finger. And the neighbors look at me weird for petting some strange rabbit that just roams the neighborhood.

    This is him.

  10. Bunnies ate all my dad's peas one year.

  11. Aww, he's so cute! And Peter Rabbit was one of my favorite books as a kid so this whole post was one big aww for me. Although I'm sorry the cutie made such a mess of your garden! My brother-in-law has an ongoing war with a group of rabbits so I have seen the damage they can do.

  12. Aw, sorry your green beans were plundered, but glad you could salvage them. Bad bunny!

    My green thumbs are black but I enjoy hearing about others' gardening successes - what other plants/flowers act as pest repellants?
    Some Dark Romantic