Wednesday, January 2, 2013

IWSG Time! & Some Great Links

It's the first Wednesday of January, which means it's time for the Insecure Writer's Support Group!

My insecurities are catching up to me as I write one novel and edit another.  I find myself getting sucked into a downward spiral of doubt.  No one will want to read this.  I've screwed up so badly that there is no fixing it.  I should just scrap this and start something new.  What am I doing??  Or, in the words of Adam Sandler: "They're all gonna' laugh at you!"  (I tried to find a YouTube video of that skit to share, but I could only find other skits from that album, darn it).

I know this is just one of those lows when my insecurities catch up to me, and that I'll get through it, but it's always rough in the midst of it.

Now for some links!

Disclaimer: I have not researched and cannot personally recommend anything passed along in links.  I simply record information I've happened across in my interweb wanderings in the hopes that something will be helpful to you!  Please be sure to research anything before entering/submitting/applying.


Agent Sara Megibow, of the Nelson Literary Agency, is leading a 2-hour workshop on How to Get Your Book Published.  This will take place Sunday, January 13, 1:00-3:00PM, at Denver Jewish Day School Discovery Lab.  Cost is $50.


The Great Novel Contest opened January 1.  Cost is $40 to enter.  It's sponsored by the Columbus Creative Cooperative.  The winner will receive their choice between $1000 and a publishing contract with Columbus Press.  Closes the last day of January, or sooner if 200 entries are received.

Kazka Press has a monthly flash fiction contest for publication with a specific theme.  January's theme is An Undelivered Valentine, and is open from January 1-20.  Pays $10.  712 words to 1001, somewhere between those.  No cost to enter.

If you're planning on attending The Crypticon in Seattle (which I had badly wanted to attend, but I have to use those funds for something else), they are having a great writing contest, sponsored by Blysster Press.  Entry fee is $10.  Deadline is February 10.  Finalists will be published in an anthology.  Caveat: You MUST be attending Crypticon to enter.  Sad sigh.

Accepting Submissions:

Cemetery Dance is accepting fiction submissions until all 2013 slots are filled.  Paying market.  Looking for horror, dark mystery and suspense.  May query for non-fiction and artwork.

Belladonna Publishing is looking for Gothic fairy tale submissions for their anthology Black Apples.  Paying market.  Closes January 15.


The Lovely Pink Diva is seeking female writers to blog about female topics, such as health, beauty, fitness and lifestyle.

Novelnook is a new website positioning itself as a platform for self-published authors.  Their front page says you keep 100% of your sales.  Worth researching.

The Hugo Nominated Patrick Hester (a local) put together a post entitled Author Resources and Other Fun Things at his blog All Things From my Brain.

The Writing Box is seeking interviews with published authors.  Free press, people!

Anything to pass along?  What are you insecure about?  Anything above you're excited about?

Currently reading: Crossed, by Ally Condie
Currently working on: The Black Undeath

May you find your Muse.


  1. Those are normal insecurities. I'd be more worried if writers didn't have them.

    Love Adam Sandler, but don't listen to that advice. They won't all laugh at you. Lol

  2. I find it hard to work on two things at once. I can do it, but I'd rather not. Good luck!

  3. Not the downward spiral of doubt! I hope you can take some consolation in knowing that we all know exactly what you mean. Been there. Be strong and pull yourself out of it!

  4. Just put a plug in that downward spiral!!

  5. Hope that downward spiral flattens out and you catch the updraft!

    Great links as always!
    Best of wishes in this new year :)

  6. Doubt can be a terrible self-destructive monster. I hope you conquer your doubts soon and come out on top.

  7. Which makes me want to write humor, because, then, if they laugh, it's a good thing.
    I'd end up more like Fozzy, though:
    "This is the funniest joke ever!"

    "It wasn't funny."

    "I've got a better one!"

  8. It's amazing how many of us end up on that spiral of doubt. I'm starting to wonder if there are any writers who don't struggle with that!

    You always have such awesome links, thanks for sharing. Happy New Year to you, Shannon!

  9. Miranda, you're right. And yay for someone else liking his skits!

    Marcy, I'm still figuring out how to appropriately juggle working on more than one thing at a time. Trying to figure out what works best for me.

    Tonja, yes, that one! Knowing everyone goes through it does always help, because we can't all suck. ;-p

    Alex, ah-ha, a plug!

    Lexie, thanks! Have a wonderful year!

    Carrie-Anne, thank you!

    Andrew, wakka wakka!

    Julie, I may very well know one, but other than that one person, it's got to be most of us! Happy New Year!

  10. Give yourself a little distance and patience, and it will help you freak out less.

  11. Tony, I think that's good advice. Thanks!

  12. Stop. Breath in deeply. Again. Again. Now think why are you writing in the first place? My guess is you enjoy writing and it makes you happy. Now you're suffering it. Try to worry less about outcomes you're not sure about and enjoy more. If you enjoy it, others will, I'm sure of that. There's audience for everyone (Twilight made me pretty sure about that one) Worrying about a failure that has not happened yet requires just the same effort as celebrating a victory that has not taken place. Focus and return to the now. :)

  13. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and commenting. I am both nervous and excited about writing and posting it but I figure it is good experience and will help me learn my style and abilities a little better.

    As for you, here you are an almost published author and working on your second novel and I think you are going to rock it! You have worked long and hard to get to this point and I am sure you have had a lot of input along the way. Give yourself the credit you deserve for getting this far in your adventure and journey and believe in your abilities. You have shared and uplifted so many others (I checked!). Take a page from your own are stronger than you think.;)

  14. I agree with Miranda. Your insecurities are normal. Secondhand Shoes is now available on Amazon in paperback only. Five books have been bought. One person is actively reading it. She read 10 chapters in one night. She likes it!

    But it is still scary. Being a writer is a work in progress. We can only get better at our craft.

    Happy New Year!

    Hugs and chocolate,

  15. Hang in there. Don't let those nasty insecurities get to you. ;)

    Great post!
    IWSG #137 until Alex culls the list again.

  16. Oh, I hate that dizzy dance! Hang on... the view will change! We all have to walk through this deceptive tunnel~ I know you can do it!
    Love this post and I look forward to your book :D

    Happy New Year!

  17. Whenever your brain tells you to scrap your novel because it's no good, you take it out for a wander into the wilderness and have a quiet word with it and let it know who's boss :)


  18. Well, it's good to know that I'm not alone in my insecurities. Thanks for your honest post.
    Keep writing!

  19. Thanks for the great links and your encouraging comment on my IWSG post. I am insecure that my writing is not good enough. Need to conquer that. Good luck with your writing.

  20. If you don't reach a point when you think the novel you're working on is crap, then you're not working hard enough on it. Keep pushing through the doubts. We are our own worst critics, so I'm sure it is much better than you think it is right now. :)

  21. We all go through that insecurity. I know I'm going through that right now .:) Thanks for all the awesome links!

  22. Al, I'm pretty sure you're right about Twilight, ha! I could name a few others, too.

    Alyson, such nice words, thank you! You'll do great with the posting.

    Shelly, how exciting! It never stops being nerve wracking, does it?

    Melissa, hangin' in, for certain!

    Ella, a dizzy dance, indeed!

    Jamie, good idea! I'm good at talks in the woods. The other party doesn't always come back, though. ;-p

    Tyrean, same to you!

    Rachna, one thing I've learned in the IWSG is that we're all afraid our writing isn't good enough!

    Cherie, I like that. Good way to look at it.

    Schell, good luck to you as you pull through your insecurity!

    Hannah, no problem!

    Kelley, you're welcome!

  23. Those same insecurities come to me in waves! I'm thinking about buying a surf board! :)

  24. DL, Ah, a surf board would help, for sure!