Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Water is Life: Announcing the Mni Wiconi Blogathon

If you've been around The Warrior Muse for awhile, you know I don't usually bring anything political in nature to my blog, or things that are controversial (other than horror, which I suppose is controversial in its own right). However, when Nicole of The Madlab Post contacted me about co-hosting this blogathon with her and Misha of the Five Year Project, I carefully considered and decided I wanted to be a part of it. I've been following DAPL (Dakota Access Pipeline) online and sharing posts about it on my Facebook page (another place I don't dabble in politics or controversial subjects). For Natives around the country, DAPL has been a unifying subject. While the immediately impacted tribe is the Sioux, DAPL has become a cause that all Natives can get behind. It represents more than the surface issues being spoken about. It represents the breaking of treaties, the disrespecting of Native sovereignty, the police violence on Native people perpetrated by police departments near reservations, the destruction of sacred lands, the willingness to move dangerous construction closer to Native lands when primarily white areas (like Bismarck) are able to successfully fight to move it away from them. It represents the continuing apathy against Native people in this country and the unwillingness of the press to cover Native issues until they become big enough or draw in other people the press IS interested in covering (such as movie stars).

People from around the world have tuned in to the water protectors' efforts at Standing Rock. Representatives from many tribes and countries made their way to Standing Rock these last few months. They've dealt with unpleasantness in many guises, but there are still water protectors standing up for what they see as right. Internal politics and inter-tribal issues have been set aside while they band together to fight the "black snake."

The purpose of this blogathon is to stand in solidarity with the Standing Rock Sioux in a global month of action to overcome the veritable press whiteout on the #nodapl efforts now being supported by people of all colors and countries. If you're familiar with Nicole, you know her background in film. We're highlighting a super short documentary by filmmaker Lucian Read, entitled Mni Wiconi: The Stand at Standing Rock.

Together with Nicole at The Madlab Post and Misha at The Five Year Project, we invite you to stop the censorship and corporate media whiteout of the #NoDAPL movement, by participating in the Mni Wiconi Blogathon.


How To Participate:

1. Write an open letter to a bank of your choosing, in response to the film Mni Wiconi: The Stand at Standing Rock and publish it on your blog between Dec. 27 - Jan. 2. (e.g. Dear Wells Fargo, Why Are You Funding Water Contamination? or Dear Chase Bank, You Can't Drink Oil)
  • You can watch the film at the bottom of this blog post.
  • Must be written to one of the 38 banks involved (17 are directly funding DAPL.
  • A $1.4 billion loan is on hold while the Army Corps permit for drilling under the Missouri River is suspended. This means there's still time for the banks involved in this loan to cut their line of credit.
  • Only submit NEW posts. Previously published posts will not be eligible for the giveaway (see below). If you do not have a blog, consider doing a guest post for another blogger or posting your entry on Medium.

2. Add the blogathon badge to your post

3. Send us your post by filling out the form below:

One entry per person, not per blog.

Must be received by Monday January 2, 2017 12:59pm EST

4. Promote your post on social media using the hashtags #WaterisLife #Blogathon #DefundDAPL #BankExit


Nicole will post a list roundup of the participating blogs, as they are received and compiled, throughout the week and share the lists on social media.


*courtesy of @MadlabPost & Do1Thing

On Tuesday January 3rd, Nicole will randomly select five participants who will win a 2017 Do1Thing wall calendar and an emergency swag bag filled with a water bottle, first aid kit, KIND granola, flashlights and related goodies. The first winning gift recipient who responds to my notification will also receive a Star Wars themed surprise. 

Some other resources:

#NoDAPL Solidarity
Defund DAPL
Divest From DAPL (tips for moving bank accounts)
Global Month of Action

Even if you won't be participating in the blogathon, I hope you'll give the video a quick viewing.

Did you watch the video? Have you seen any other informative videos about DAPL you'd care to share? Will you be participating in the blogathon? Have you heard of the DAPL protests?

May you find your Muse.


  1. You've touched on such a crucial matter...how the media only covers Standing Rock when movie stars get involved. There is something wrong when the presence of movie stars or thousands of veterans are the only thing that compels the "journalists" and producers at places where we get our news from to cover stories such as Standing Rock. I'm in no way being bias when I say this but I think it's a good thing that there are filmmakers in the world and writers and independent media that can fill the void in places where mass media is lacking, at the detriment of our nation's survival.

    I'm no tree-huger per se but I do believe it's important to protect the earth's natural resources and it's important to not encroach on land belonging to the Sioux tribe, nor on their burial grounds. It's so disrespectful of the pipeline company, the banks funding them and the entities that are enabling their behavior.

    One beautiful thing in the midst of all this is the Indigenous youth who have mobilized their communities to protect the water and unified nations who haven't come together in a very long time; they are inspiring and the true leaders of tomorrow. I think we can learn a lot from them. Thank you for sharing this!

    1. Yes, it's huge that so many tribes have come together, and that Native youth, who've been growing away from their heritage, have jumped into this fight. If nothing else, a unifying of the tribes has come of this, even if just temporary.

  2. Good on you for keeping the cause present. Too much of the media has dropped the story, pretending it's over, when there are too many indicators it will come right back under the next president.

    1. And it did, of course. I guess this is one time where I'm glad I hadn't responded to comments until late. To see this and know what actually ended up happening is hard, but important.

  3. The media are nothing but sheep, only showing what will get ratings or if some so-called celebrity makes it news. Pathetic indeed.

    1. It is definitely pathetic. The fact that they ceased covering it as soon as the celebrities had gone, and didn't cover it actually going through in the end, makes them even worse.

  4. Amen! Great post:) Every bit of solidarity counts:)

  5. I have been wanting to find out more about this. The media doesn't show the truth- just what they want people to see. I appreciate you sharing this with us! Thanks for sharing. :)

    1. They never did show it accurately, all the way up to the end. Not enough of a rise from folks to be worthwhile.

  6. This seems like a very moving cause - good on you for highlighting it. So sad that discrimination against native tribes is not a thing of the past, but like you say, it's not something the media wants to cover. Hope the blogfest raises a lot of exposure.

  7. I've been paying close attention to this and everything that develops. I'm late in finding out about this blogathon. I know it's the 2nd, but I won't be able to participate right now. Shucks! But thank you for this post and for helping to spread awareness.

  8. Actually, I've been so far removed from anything that I hadn't heard at all about what's going on. Guess it's time to get involved in the world again, eh?