Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Just Links!

It's conference (Pikes Peak Writers Conference) time, folks, which means I'm the Invisible Woman until Sunday night (when I will be visible, but possibly comatose). But I don't want to abandon you without giving you this week's links, so here they are:

Please bear in mind that I am not personally vetting any publications below, merely passing along information I've found online. Always do your due diligence to check out any publication or contest you may consider submitting to.

Accepting Submissions:

The Alchemy Press is seeking "contemporary tales with all the magic and wonder of myth and legend, blending modern life with the traditions of folklore from around the world." Fiction 3000-8000 words. Pays £10.00 for the first 5,000 words, then 0.2p per word on publication, plus a copy of the book. April 30 deadline.

Freefall Magazine closes for submissions for their fall issue April 30. Poetry and prose, up to 4000 words. Pays $10 per printed page.

Mystery and Horror, LLC is open for submissions for an anthology, Strangely Funny II. Humorous paranormal/supernatural stories. 2000-6000 words. Deadline May 1. Pays $5 advance, plus royalties and a free paperback version.

Penumbra is looking for stories of 3500 words or less. Pays $.05/word. The July issue with a theme of Hyperspeed closes May 1. They are also open for their August theme, Pain, which closes June 1.

Your Workplace Magazine is looking for writers for their magazine and blog, who are willing to discuss improving workplaces. (Speakers for conference, too). Pays $.25/word.

Conundrum Press is accepting submissions poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction. They're primarily seeking voices of those living in the Rocky Mountain region. Both essay and novel. No pay or deadlines specified.


High school and college students are invited to enter the 2014 Norman Mailer Writing Awards. Non-fiction and poetry. Cash prizes.

Wielding Power wants discussions on political and social issues. They have questions that must be answered. The current question is "Should Marijuana be Legal?" Deadline is May 4. Prize is publication and $1000. 

Of Interest:

Cosmopolitan is looking for a blogger/writer who will take over as their Bedroom Blogger. You will create a fictional story and blog as the main character for the next year, blogging twice per week, as well as running a Twitter account. Pays $600 per month. April 28 deadline.

This Cracked article addresses "6 Famous Authors Who Were Nothing Like You Expect." There may be some surprises in this one!

Any of these of interest? Anything to share? Publication news? 

I'll see you on the flipside of Conference!

May you find your Muse.


  1. If my son is working in Colorado Springs next year, I hope I can come to your writing conference. I love the area. Have fun and tell us all about it next week.

  2. I hope you're having a great time at the conference. :) Can't wait to hear about it.

  3. I actually have a story out to Penumbra for their Pain issue. Here's hoping.

    Have a wonderful conference! Looking forward to reading about it.

  4. Have a great time Shannon and thanks for the links. The part about J.R.R. Tolkien is really surprising.

  5. I've always wanted to attend that conference. One of these days. . .

    Thanks for the great links.

  6. Hey Shannon!

    Look forward to you reappearing on Sunday! The blogging world needs you.

    Yes, links and more links. No missing links. And no mention of blog hops or blog fests or the alphabet. Shannon, are you sure you're okay?

    Gary :)

  7. Thanks for the links - I'm trying to figure out what a bedroom blogger is (I hope it's totally different than what I'm thinking) - I'm gonna go find out. :)

  8. Susan, thank you! I hope you can come to the conference. If you ever get the chance, let me know in advance.

    Mary, I did, thank you!

    John, any news from Penumbra?

    Maurice, it was surprising, wasn't it? A couple surprised me.

    Lee, if you do, look me up!

    Gary, it's all for you. ;)

    Kimberly, haha, I imagine it was different than what you think. At least a little bit.