Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year & Links

Happy New Year, everyone! Now's when I struggle to write the correct year on my checks for the next three months. Woot!

I've got a bunch of links for you since I didn't do it last week, so why don't we jump right in and do those?

Please bear in mind that I am not personally vetting these publications and/or contests. I only pass along items of interest I come across. Please do your own due diligence in researching any publication or contest you find on this blog.

Accepting Submissions:

Jamais Vu-Journal of Strange Among the Familiar is seeking dark fiction short stories, book reviews, film reviews, poetry, and non-fiction. They pay $.05 per word in most cases, plus a contributor copy. Current submission window open through January 15.

The Kenyon Review is seeking short fiction, essays, poetry, plays, excerpts, and translations of poetry and short prose. Submission window closes January 15. This is a paying market, but specific pay is not mentioned.

Lamplight Magazine is seeking dark fiction in short and flash forms. They pay a flat fee of $150 for short stories, $50 for flash. Current submission window closes January 15. Personal recommendation: I haven't been published through them, but simultaneously submitted to them the story that ultimately got accepted by someone else (who then folded). When I wrote them to let them know it was accepted elsewhere, I got a nice, friendly email thanking me for letting them know and congratulating me on my acceptance with the other magazine. I thought that was nice of them, so wanted to pass it along. I hope to have another story I feel is appropriate for them sometime. Also, they accept reprints.

Chicken Soup for the Soul has several editions open for submissions. They pay $200 per accepted story. While I am going to list several deadlines for specific topics they're looking for, please note that they accept your heartfelt stories that are not geared toward one of the suggest book titles. Reboot Your Life closes January 30. The Cat/Dog Did What ends January 5. Check their website for specifics.

Lethe Press has several anthology calls out. Daughters of Frankenstein: Lesbian Mad Scientists closes January 31. 2500 to 12,500 words. Pays $.05/word. They are also looking for lesbian and gay fiction published in 2013 for their Best of Compilations.

Sci-Fi Romance Quarterly is looking for romantic sci-fi short stories. They only publish one quarterly. Must include steampunk elements, as well. Pays $25 per story. Current deadline January 31.

ChiZine Publications is putting out their Imaginarium 2014: The Best Canadian Speculative Writing collection. Deadline January 31. This is a best of anthology, seeking submissions of your work that was published in 2013. Pay is not listed.

Buttontapper Press seeks haiku. Cat & Dog Lovers Haiku closes January 31. Pays in royalties. Futuristic haiku closes same date, same pay. They are also reviewing novella-length ninja-themed manuscripts.

Great Old Ones Publishing is looking for horror. Can be other speculative fiction genres, but must contain an element of horror. $25 flat fee, plus contributor copy and discount on further copies.

Crossed Genres Magazine's current issue theme is "Food." Deadline January 31. Pays $.05/word. 1000-6000 words. Must be sci-fi and/or fantasy.

For the Love of Murphy is an anthology for Roane Publishing. They seek sweet romance stories with a twist born of Murphy's Law. Deadline January 31. Their erotic romance anthology, Bad Boys Rock, is open until filled. Payment not mentioned.


Mash Stories will hold a contest every quarter. This competition is about mashing randomness into stories, so they give you three words/terms that you must wrap into your story. This cycle's are tennis ball, animal rights, and bunker. 500 word maximum. No submission fee. Deadline January 15. $100 reward, with shortlisted stories being published on the website.

Odd Contest, held by OdysseyCon annually, is open for submissions through January 15. Accepting speculative fiction poetry and prose. Adult first prize is $500, youth first prize is $50. Winners pieces will be read a the Con and published in the program and on their website.

Commonwealth Writers and the British Council are holding the BBC World Service International Radio Playwriting Competition. The winner will receive 2000, a trip to London to see your play being recorded, and an awards ceremony. Must be 53 minutes long, any subject welcome. No entry fee. Closes January 31.

Anything of interest to you? Anything you'd like to mention? Good news to share? How was your New Year's?

May you find your Muse.


  1. Great links, thanks! New Years was uneventful here. Kind of pathetic actually, due to being worn out by the little ones. My hubby and I fell asleep watching Beaches, which is NOT a movie I recommend for a peppy New Years Eve :)

  2. Happy new year, and thanks for the links.

    Moody Writing

  3. Great Old Ones Publishing - very Lovecraftian.
    Happy New Year, Shannon!

  4. You still write checks? That was so last century.

  5. Happy New Year to you as well! May 2014 be a great year for everyone!

  6. I spent Xmas and New Year in New Zealand. A wonderful start to the year.

  7. Thanks for the links - will definitely check some of them out.

    We had a quiet new year - just the way we like it. :)

    Happy 2014!

  8. Hi, Shannon. Thanks for sharing all of the links. Happy New Year!

  9. Happy New Year! I love all the links and info you provide! :)

  10. Whew! That's a whole list of awesome. Shannon, it's so amazingly awesome of you to gather these all into one place. I totally need to get a link up to your blog for my writerly buddies. =)

    Here's virtual cheese to welcome in the New Year!

  11. Happy New Year, Shannon, love the links - always wonderful to have someone else do all the hard work! Thank you!

  12. Hey Shannon!

    Yes, it's me, your shy, humble fan. I'm sure your links will be of great interest. Of course, when it comes to contests, blog hops, blog fests and the dreaded alphabet challenge, I stay well clear :)

    Although I have been involved with the BBC.

    My New Year's was nice and quiet, thank you. Mostly bedridden, but that's another story...

    Happy 2014 to you and your loved ones, Shannon.

    I'm off to find a Muse...


  13. Happy New Year Shannon. It's incredibly generous of you to find and collate all these opportunities. Thanks.

  14. Jess, I don't think it's pathetic at all, but I do agree Beaches doesn't really set the best mood, LOL.

    Mood, Happy New Year, and thanks!

    Alex, it is! I like that name for a publisher.

    Andrew, ha! Yes, I do for certain things.

    Trisha, I sure hope so!

    Donna, what a great way to start the year! I hope you had fun.

    Madeline, I like bringing in the New Year quietly, as well. No choice this year, really, as hubby was out of state for work.

    Susanne, Happy New Year!

    Kimberly, thank you! I like being able to provide it.

    Crystal, why thank you for the compliment!

    Yolanda, lol, I like to research things. If I had more time I could probably put out a periodical, haha.

    Gary, involved as in watching it? ;) I'm sorry you were sick for New Year's. That's no way to end the year.

    Denise, I'm glad to do it; Happy New Year!