Monday, October 14, 2013

ShaNoShoStoWriEdSubMo & Good News

I passed state boards this weekend! I'm now a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant). Next up will be a First Aid & CPR class (my certification for this is long expired). I wish we actually got a score instead of a pass/fail, as I think I kicked ass, but I'll take it, anyway.

Moving on to ShaNoShoStoWriEdSubMo...

Yep, it's almost November, signaling time for everyone to start discussing NaNoWriMo. I'm not in a place to start a new novel at this time, but I enjoy the kick in the pants NaNo gives me. A goal shared publicly is a heck of a kick for someone like me who does better with deadlines. With as distracted as I've been lately, I really need to get back into a routine. Any routine will do, really. I'm sort of a leaf floating at the whim of the river currents at the moment, so why not embrace something that could prompt me.

I made a solid start in NaNo last year. It was the first time I officially signed up for NaNo and started a new novel. However, I was derailed when I found out my dad was dying. I think that might do so to a lot of people. Since I enjoy the energy that accompanies the month of November, I'm going to hijack it for myself while setting my own goals.

Thus, I present to you: ShaNoShoStoWriEdSubMo.

What the heck does that stand for? Shannon's Novel & Short Story Writing, Editing, and Submitting Month.

I've got one novel in desperate need of some re-writes (only one of my villains has enough heart, methinks, and it isn't the main guy), another novel waiting for me to finish it, plenty of short stories needing editing and submitting, and some shorts clamoring to be written.

I'll be aiming to write 30,000 words in November, a combination of the novel needing wrapping up and short stories. I'd like to edit and submit one short story per week. And I'd like to get some editing done on Novel #1.

November is bounce back month!

What about you guys? Participating in NaNoWriMo? Doing your own thing? Do you set goals every month or wing it?

May you find your Muse.


  1. Great post, I'm looking forward to November for entirely different reasons. I am coming over to the Branson MO. to see a couple of concerts of my favourite Irish singer. Just over five weeks time.

    Enjoyed your Monday post.

  2. Congratulations on the boards!! Woo-hoo!!

    And I love your November goal LOL.

  3. Yay-- congrats on passing the boards. That's a huge accomplishment.

    The number of NaNo variations crack me up. I'm actually participating in the nonfiction version of NaNo (it has some initials I can't remember offhand) and am working on a couple shorter projects-- hopefully one per week, or that's the goal. We'll see-- I also start a couple temp jobs in Nov.

  4. Congratulations on passing the state boards!
    No NaNo this year. I have nothing prepared. Nothing to revise either.

  5. Wish they had a NaNo wrap up something you're working on. Life gets in the way that's for sure. And family matters always come first.

    Congrats on accomplishing your boards. I'm sure you did well.

    Hugs and chocolate,

  6. Congrats on passing your state boards and gaining certification! Kudos to you!

    As for ShaNoShoStoWriEdSubMo, I did something similar last year and got 25,000 words written (all new stuff). I kept count of words and set my own goals. Then I worked with a mentor on the mystery and will be sending it out soon. I also polished up a revitalized scifi MS when I needed a break from the new project. It was a month dedicated to keeping my nose to the writing stone.

    I plan to do the same this year and gain some progress with a new project. Great idea, Shannon, perhaps others will like this personalized version of the Writing Month.

  7. I'm not in a position to start a new novel for November either. I love the name of your challenge.
    I'll be out your way in two weeks to pick up my son from his internship at the Broadmoor.

  8. Hello Shannon, long time has passed since I last visited you. Congrats on getting your certification! My daughter has hers and working for her LVN degree. It is a very long process along with home life and working on the outside, she is doing well so far. I understand RN will be next. Good for her!

    I am participating in the NaBloPoMo this month, opened a blog there too, I love it there, it is mind stimulating to be honest with you. I have not ventured into the NaNoWriMo as of yet, I haven't even read about it, but will. I post here and there.

    I am working on a short story for Halloween, joined a hop for it, and felt it would be a good exercise for me. After I got started, it was actually alot of fun to focus of a writing, not just a posting! It really was, and it made me feel like I truly can write, and with lots of practice even better one day.

    I do have a question, and feel I can ask you, how does one count their words when writing a story or a book to know how many they have put down? Is there a special program that is used to count them, or you you literally sit and count each word? Hope you don't find that to be a silly question! Lol...but I do need to know.
    Thank you, and best wishes with your studies and your novels!

  9. Congrats on passing the boards!

    I'm no where near a place where I can start another novel right now either. I've decided to take November and start writing a short story (at least I'm thinking short story)that came into my head a few months ago. It was so strong at first, I had to take a day or two to jot down some notes. Since then, I haven't gone back to it at all.

    So that's my plan. Good luck with yours!

  10. Shannon, if it's all right with you, I'd like to mention your (deep breath) ShaNoShoStoWriEdSubMo post in my next She Writes post (this Wed.) I will provide a link to your blog. Email me at if you'd rather I didn't. Thanks!

  11. Congrats on passing! That's a huge accomplishment. I hope you celebrated.

    I'm writing again and will start pushing it more next week, most like.

    I have two projects I'm working on. Project two involves two books. I hope to have the 1st and have started on the 2nd before I finish Project one. Yeah, I'm insane.

  12. That is actually a fantastic idea. I want to participate in NaNo this year, but I've got so many other things going on away from my writing life next month, I know I won't have the time. Yet I want to do it. And I shouldn't start something new. I want to, but I should do some revising and rewrites, and submit some short stories since I haven't done so since the beginning of this year. Good luck!

  13. I love this idea. Take what you need to get done and great your own NaNoWriMo. I should do this.

    I've never participated in NaNo before because I'm always at the wrong place in my novel. I'm usually done with a draft and wanting to edit/revise before conference/pitch season starts in February. So I always end up saying, "Next year!" It never happens.

  14. Congrats, and what a great idea! I've been planning to do NaNo this year, as I've an outline nearly ready to go. But I'm also worried, as I'm not going to have quite finished the edit I'm doing right now, I fear. And I really like the part in our goal about submitting stories--all my shorts have gone up as blog posts, flash fiction that's not fully realized or edited, and nothing sent out to try to publish. You give me food for thought.

  15. Go for it, Shannon! I hear you about the deadlines and the energy NaNo brings. I'm participating this year, too, and looking forward to all that November creative oomph. :)

  16. If you're certified in anything related to nursing then you're guaranteed a job from what I've been hearing.

    I hope to gear up my writing activity but I doubt whether it will be NaNo related. But it might.

    Tossing It Out

  17. I don't think I can even do NaBloPoMo this year. I'm moving right in the middle of November so I just won't have time, I think. But that's okay, because I will still make it a very productive month for myself. Probably.

  18. Congrats on the CNA, and I love the ShaNoShoStoWriEdSubMo idea. I never have won NaNoWriMo because there's just too much pressure to do 50k, but the idea of making a month where I do more and accomplish more is brilliant. Thank you!Good luck too.

  19. CONGRATS on passing your state boards!

  20. Congrats on passing your boards!

  21. I'm so excited for you! Congratulations on your boards and good luck on all your goals. If anyone can make it, you can!