Wednesday, August 7, 2013

[Mostly] Wordless Wednesday - Little Critters of Estes Park & Links & IWSG

Had a test and a quiz (pop, except we knew it was coming since today was the last normal day of class...) today! Only things left on my CNA course are clinicals, starting this weekend, finals, then state boards.

Edited to add: Whoops! I almost forgot IWSG! Insecure Writer's Support Group happens the first Wednesday of each month, created by the Ninja, himself, Alex J. Cavanaugh.

My insecurity this month is pretty simple. I've got too much going on, and I have not been making time to write. I worry that it's going to be like this for awhile. I can't let that happen, so I need a plan of attack. I've given myself permission to not beat myself up about it until the end of the month. I've got CNA-related stuff that I'm stressing about, which doesn't end until next Thursday (and doesn't completely end until state boards in mid-September). Then I've got a writing event, first day of school for the kiddos, and a trip with my mom, sister, and youngest brother. When I get back, I'll be buckling down, creating a schedule so I can get back into the writing routine. And honestly, it won't be too hard not to beat myself up, because my writing falls by the wayside each summer. Things change so much, the kids are home, I try to do fun stuff, and I pack a lot into summer. So it's time to tell myself it's OKAY to set it aside for summer. To everyone who's in the same situation, don't beat yourself up! Create a plan of attack. Set a date to get back into it. Create a schedule. Or do whatever works for you.

Now to [Mostly] Wordless Wednesday.

I was going to do an animals of Estes Park, but decided to split it up. Next week - elk! Including the buck I mentioned before. For today, here are some of the little critters we saw on our weekend trip up to Estes Park (which seems soooo long ago now).

This little guy's a pika, and he was intent on studying me back.

Here he was being aloof. He then went on to bathe himself to show me just how unconcerned he was. "I laugh in the face of danger!" Except, you know, he bathes...

Prairie dog!

Ground squirrel (not to be confused with a chipmunk, which would have stripes on its face, as well, and wouldn't have the white around the eyes - yes, I looked it up just for you.

So these were just some of the bitty creatures we got to see up at Estes Park. Next week, elk! (I'm sad I didn't see a moose.)

Now for some links!

Accepting Submissions:

Diabolic Publications, in addition to accepting novel-length works, is seeking submissions for their sci-fi anthology, Ether World. Short stories, 4000 words or less. Deadline is September 1. Pays $.03 per word.

Martinus Publishing is accepting submissions for their sci-fi adventure anthology, VFW-Veterans of Future Wars. 2000-6000 words. Deadline December 31. Pays in royalties. Additionally, they're seeking submissions for Altered America, an anthology. Deadline is the same, as is pay.

Bottom Drawer Publications is looking for short stories for an anthology about Geeky Boys. Please note that this must be a romance between men. If you aren't comfortable with this, don't click on the link. Deadline September 1. Pay unknown (to me, anyway).

Untreed Reads is seeking submissions of short stories for their anthology, The Killer Wore Cranberry: Room for Thirds. Stories must involve "murder and mayhem happening at Thanksgiving." Must be a humorous mystery. 1500-5000 words. Deadline September 1. Pays in royalties.

She Writes Press is putting together a collection of works, including short stories, poems, photographs, and illustrations, inspired by the movie Return to Zero. Though She Writes is a female group, men are welcome to submit. Must have to do with a miscarriage or loss of a child. Will pay a contributor copy, with royalties to follow after initial costs of putting the book out are met. Deadline September 1.

Chupa Cabra House is seeking submissions for their anthology, Invisibility. Inspired by H.G. Wells Invisible Man. 3500-10000 words. Pays $25 plus wholesale price for book purchases. Any genre, but they really like horror, mystery, sci-fi, and bizarro. Deadline September 1.


Enchanted Conversation: A Fairy Tale Magazine is running the Beyond the Glass Slipper Writing Contest. Deadline is August 15. Grand prize $200. Your story must involve one of ten fairy tales of their choice. Short story or poem.

Cahoodaloodaling is hosting their first annual In Cahoots Collaboration Contest. Deadline September 1. $50 first prize. No entry fee. Must be written as a collaborative project between 2 or more people.

Any of these you're interested in? Ever heard of a pika? Did you know there was a ground squirrel versus a chipmunk? Anything to share? Any good publication news?

May you find your Muse.


  1. I've never heard of Pika, but they seem similar to a squirrel. And I would have thought that ground squirrel was a chipmunk if you hadn't clarified that.

    I like seeing photos of critters. By photographing what we see, we may be retaining its image for future generations.

    Thanks for the links to the anthologies - will check a few. Good luck with your tests!

  2. Aww, what cute critters! Love the pics. Hope the test and quiz went well and good luck with the upcoming clinicals!

  3. Awesome pics, and congrats on the task finished, now on to the next.

    Oh, and especially thanks for the links!

  4. Cute little critters :) I had a chipmunk jump on my shoe once. I got a photo, but it came out blurry.

  5. Lived in the mountains of CO for many years - I do know what a Pika is and a ground squirrel too.

    Everyone marches to a 'different drummer', best to not bet yourself up over life choices, after all 'you may never be this way again'.

  6. Glad you told me it was a pika - I never would've known.
    I have no writing time either, and if I decide I'm going to write another book, I'll need to make time.

  7. I have heard of Pikas but I had no idea the ground squirrel existed or that it looked like a chipmunk!

  8. I did almost no writing this summer (other than blog writing) at all. It wasn't fun.

  9. Sometimes life takes a hand, and we have to let it. Good luck with your writing and non-writing goals.

  10. Everyone's been saying "I've slacked over the summer!" but what's my excuse? It's winter here and I've slacked too. ;)

    I think it's perfectly okay to cut ourselves some slack sometimes. As long as we don't let ourselves slack off FOREVAAAA. :)

  11. Awesome critters. And cool links. I'll check some of them out.

    Back to school sounds hectic, but you will conquer! Setting a writing start date sound like a good idea. Deadlines make things easier to accomplish.


  12. well, at least i know when i need pericare you will be there for me, right? no! hahaha... you are right were i want to be. no, not with the pericare, but doing nursing!

  13. Yes, summers are busy and ever changing. I'm looking forward to the organization of fall.

  14. That Pika is hilarious Shannon, and I think we've all felt that way at sometime.

  15. I'm with you. Sometimes, life happens. Nothing to do by go along with it until you can make time to write again.

    Best of luck with getting back on schedule!

  16. D.G., that's a sad thought, but also very true. The pika was maybe similar to the size of a beaver.

    Julie, the test and quiz went quite well. Book learning is not a problem, lol! It's the skills portion I fear.

    Yolanda, thank you!

    Mary, too bad it was blurry! This little guy tried to bury itself in the dirt, and then followed me all over when that didn't work.

    Farawayeyes, yay for knowing what a pika is! I didn't know until about a year ago, I think it was.

    Alex, it's tricky to find, isn't it?

    Marcy, I didn't know there was a ground squirrel vs a chipmunk until the last few years. I kept thinking people were wrong when they called a chipmunk a squirrel, and they probably knew better than I.

    Andrew, I completely understand. Same thing here. I'm hoping for much more writing time once school starts.

    Jan, true, and to you the same.

    Trisha, we shall slack short-term together!

    Donna, I always work better with deadlines.

    Tammy, oy! You want to be a nurse? 3/4 of the CNA class intend to go to nursing school. In fact, one is simultaneously IN nursing school and the CNA course. Stress! (And let's not discuss peri-care, lol).

    Robin, me, too! Though I miss my kids when they're gone, I appreciate the time to get things done.

    Maurice, the pika was a kick!

    Misha, thanks! Sometimes other things have to come first.