Monday, July 9, 2012

Odds & Ends, Updates & Invitation to Guest Post

Hello there!  Today will be a bit of a mishmash, instead of anything themed, but there are some things I wanted to mention, and I've got some catching up to do (still).

Guest Posts - I've been getting a lot of contact about guest posts.  I'm delighted to feature guest posts or do interviews (those will take longer to get up since they take time to do, at least how I do it).  However, any guest posts on my blog need to involve writing or be related to one's book, as my intent is to help fellow writers out.  Guest posts will typically go up on Fridays.  If you'd like to guest post, or would like to do an interview about your book/writing process/etc., contact me through my profile or post in the comments at any time. 

Randy Lindsay Featured Me! - I was so flattered to see that Randy Lindsay of Author in Training featured The Warrior Muse on his Friday post.  Check out his blog and show him a little love.  He posts a writing prod (with his response to it), features other blogs, and does movie reviews.  He's a great guy, and well worth checking out.

BuNoWriMo - Sigh.  I never got past 5% progress on Myth Stalker.  However, I'm happy because it got me started on writing it.  I was already behind on it, but the fire sort of did me in.  Not so much the evacuation, mind you, but I was so distracted and nervous once it started so close to me that I failed to get any writing done at all.  I spent a lot of time refreshing Twitter to track #WaldoCanyonFire, as well as the local paper's site, which was updating regularly, and Facebook, where I was getting information.  If I was on the computer, that's what I was doing.  I am looking forward to getting started again, AND I made progress with...

Project 52 - I did a little bit of work toward the list, so I can now strike out:

7. Work on poetry
8. Submit at least 1 poem for publication
16. Develop Warrior Muse logo (Jeremy did this one for me, but it's done, all the same!)
19. Compile spreadsheet of publications
33. Go hiking at Red Rocks/photos
36. Get at least 1 piece published (more details to come soon!)
38. Prepare for the 2012 A to Z (obviously done!)
44. Take four "field trips" this year (we've been taking these almost weekly)
50. Attend more writer's meetings
51. Get better about reading through Writer's Digest magazines when they arrive

Wow!  I didn't realize how many I'd finished.  15/52.  I may be updating a few things, due to projects that have changed, or a change in focus.  Anything removed will be replaced by something else.

Michael Abayomi - Fellow blogger, Michael Abayomi is conducting an Indiegogo campaign to gather funds for his next project Guardians & the Lost Paradise.  Pass it along, if you're interested.  Good luck, Michael!

That's it for today!  I will have a choice between two field trips I took this week for [Mostly] Wordless Wednesday: Helen Hunt Falls and the Royal Gorge Bridge.  I haven't decided which will go up this week, and which next week, but I'm excited to have something positive to pass along...and purdy.

How did you do in BuNoWriMo?  Interested in guest posting?  Are you doing, or have you done, Project 52?  How are you doing at meeting any goals you've made for yourself, now that we're more than halfway through the year?

May you find your Muse.


  1. You had more pressing things going on in real life. The fire would've distracted me as well. I managed to write 45,000 words for BuNo, which is really good for me.

  2. I've been doing a few guest posts recently until my SO comes back from Italy with the laptop. They're so much fun!

    Don't beat yourself up too bad about BuNoWriMo. To be fair, there was other stuff going on :)

  3. i do a lot of reading but haven't figures out how to get published

  4. With having to worry about the fire, I can understand why you wouldn't have been able to get any writing done.

    CONGRATS on the Project 52 accomplishments!

  5. Alex, very nice! I bet that felt great.

    Jamie, you're always welcome here!

    Andrew, indeed! Who needs goals??

    Becca, the secret for me would actually submit! I have an easier time finishing a novel than a short story. How does that make sense?

    Susanne, thank you! It felt good to accomplish something, even if it wasn't everything. :D


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