Wednesday, May 21, 2014

[Mostly] Wordless Wednesday - Stormy Sunset & Links

That's Pikes Peak at sunset during an overcast evening. Still snowy up there! Probably worse today, considering the amount of hail we got this evening.

Now for some links. Please bear in mind that these are merely links I've run across; I have not vetted them. Always do your due diligence when considering submission to any publication.

Accepting Submissions:

ZYZZYVA accepts submissions of poetry, fiction, essays, and artwork during their open submission period, the current one ending May 31. Payment unknown. Submission by postal mail only.

Penumbra eMag is seeking submissions with the theme of "Pain" for their August issue. Window closes June 1. They pay $.05/word. The next theme will be Lewis Carroll.

Dream Monocle Publishing is accepting submissions through June 1. Fiction of varying lengths (flash fiction to novel), graphic novels, poetry, and artwork. Speculative fiction. Payment unknown.

Electric Literature's Recommended Reading is taking submissions through June 1. Pays $300. Only original fiction during their spring submission period.

SORMAG is seeking articles based on the theme "Creating the Book," with a deadline of June 1. They also accept short stories, devotionals, and fillers on writing tips and tricks, etc. Pays $25 for articles, and varying amounts for the other types.

The New Smut Project is looking for their publications with the working titles of "Character-Driven Smut" and "50 Shades of Negotiation." Both close June 1. Pays in royalties and contributor copies.

Jaym Gates is seeking stories based on the Spirit of Place. Deadline is June 1. Flash fiction and short stories. Pays $.07/word.


The Graywolf Press Nonfiction Prize closes May 31. It will be awarded to "the most promising and innovative literary nonfiction project by a writer not yet established in the genre." Prize is a $12,000 advance and publication.

Wielding Power is looking for essays on today's questions. Current contest entry theme is "Is Secession Legitimate?" Deadline June 1. First prize is $1000.

Issues in Science and Technology is holding a science fiction contest. Deadline June 1. There are five major themes you can write to. Winners get $1500 and publication.

Any of these interest you? Anything to share? Submission news? How has your spring been? Any big storms? 

May you find your Muse.


  1. Made for a beautiful photo though!

  2. Thanks for the submission possibilities. :) Lovely photo.

  3. Nice photo! I visited a friend in Colorado Springs years ago and took the train to the peak, but for some reason I have no photos of it. Hope you didn't suffer from the hail!

  4. Hey Shannon,

    Nice photo. Most atmospheric. What the hail!

    Your links will be of great interest to those who are interested in your links. Always good to share links.

    Lovely spring in England. Major thunder and lightning storm here on early Tuesday morning. Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet superstar piddled on the carpet!

    Gary :)

  5. Gorgeous sunset. Our spring has been chilly and I'm dying for a nice sunny day I can enjoy. Thank heavens winter is over!

  6. Character Driven Smut and Electric Literature have my attention.

    And thanks for the beautiful sunset. I always appreciate the beauty of Pikes Peak, but this was lovely.

  7. Posts like this always make me want to submit to everything!

    That is a beautiful photograph - I am mesmerised by nature!

  8. Nice photo pf Pike's Peak! It's so picturesque. I get a good view of it too although I usually point the camera west at Evans. Cheers neighbor!

  9. That photo looks like a postcard, it's so beautifully shot. You should be a professional!