Wednesday, July 20, 2011

[Mostly] Wordless Wednesday 7/20/11

For [Mostly] Wordless Wednesday today, I figured it was only right to show a photo from my Florida vacation in June:

This photo was taken at Cocoa Beach, Florida, where we ended up not being able to swim due to a freak mass exodus of a type of jellyfish not typically seen in the area. No one was positive why they ended up there, but it was suggested that the tsunami helped make it possible. I got stung by two of the little buggers! Luckily, the kids were happy to play in the sand at the beach, so it was mostly we adults who were disappointed.


  1. Lovely picture, shame about the jellyfish.


  2. Beautiful photograph. It looks serene and peaceful.

  3. Oh, how lovely! It WOULD be a disappointment not to get to swim.

  4. Yvonne, thank you. Yes, on the one hand I'm landlocked, but didn't used to be, so I was very much looking forward to the ocean. On the other hand, it was an interesting thing to witness and just smelling and hearing the ocean was such a boost.

    Rebecca, thank you. Probably more peaceful that it typically would have been! We were confused when we arrived and there was not one other car in the parking lot.

    Laura, thank you. It was definitely a disappointment, but I was so glad the kids weren't disappointed. And just seeing the ocean was more than I usually get, so I was happy with that. I did wade around in the water a little bit, which is how I got stung. I just couldn't finally see the ocean and not at least get my feet wet.

  5. That's such a gorgeous photo. Mmmm I love the sea.

  6. Jelly fish swarms (is that the right word?) are something the oceanographers are predicting we'll need to get used to. Yuck, I've only seen a plague (that seems like a better word) once, and never want to see one again. They're creepy. I love the smell of the ocean, it's so invigorating. Sue

  7. Sangu, thank you! I also love the sea. Sometimes it's easy to forget how much until I'm near it again.

    Ellie, thank you, and yes! I actually got stung twice (in quick succession...while trying to escape, haha). It wasn't all that bad. A lot of people had been hospitalized and a few had died, but I believe that was due to allergic reactions (which did give me a moment of panic since I hadn't really thought that through when I stubbornly insisted on getting into the water). But now I can say I've been stung by a jellyfish.

    Sue, I hadn't heard about those predictions. I'm curious now as to why, so I'll be needing to go do some research. I wonder if the warming water has something to do with it? I do prefer the term plague to describe a bunch of them. It's a little creepy to have these alien-like critters floating in on the water en force. Invigorating is definitely a term I'd ascribe to the scent of the ocean. The feel of the air around it, as well. I could feel and smell it well before I could see it, and it was instant perma-grin from there on out.